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Pest Control in West Devon

  • Reliable result-oriented service
  • Suitable for commercial & domestic properties
  • Done by fully equipped and dedicated pest controllers
  • Flexible booking options, available all week long

When the pest exterminator arrives at your property, he will take some time to carefully inspect the rooms in order to ascertain the type of pest that is present as well as how much the infestation has spread. After the careful inspection, the specialist will know exactly how to solve the situation.

When all cards are on the table, your pest exterminator will know exactly what to do. He will resort to time-tested methods and agency-approved anti-pest products in order to get rid of the unwelcome guests. Also, you can be assured that all methods and products used by Fantastic Pest Control are perfectly safe for the inhabitants of the property.

You have the option to purchase an emergency service or what we call a “guaranteed” package. Basically, they come with free secondary visits from your local pest controller. If your property is very likely to be infested again in the future, this might be the right type of service for you.

You should always consult with your local pest controller regarding what you should do to provide long-term pest protection for your property.

Pest control service coverage outside West Devon

We are doing everything we can to provide reliable and effective pest control services for more and more areas. So consider this: if your property is not actually in West Devon, then make sure to contact us anyway if you are experiencing pest-related problems. Here are some of the nearby areas that we cover:

- Mid Devon;
- Torridge;
- South Hams;
- Cornwall.

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