Pest Control in Waverley

  • Safe application of anti-pest methods and products
  • Free pest proofing information and prevention tips
  • Emergency callouts and short-notice service requests
  • Discreet vermin removal services with unbranded vehicles

Fantastic Pest Control will S.T.O.P. the pest problems today!

Your pest removal treatment will begin with a diligent investigation of the vermin issue. The technician will inspect the premises in search of evidence for pest damages to your property and/or belongings. His findings will help him evaluate the extent of the problem.
With a versatile range of pest treatment procedures and techniques to choose from, our local franchise partner will ensure that the most suitable and effective method is applied for your particular vermin situation. Whether he uses a fumigant against fleas or gel baits to exterminate a colony of cockroaches, rest assured that the infestation will be eradicated for good.
Most pests (bed bugs, woodworm, etc.) may require a follow-up visit and/or a repeat treatment for optimum service results. Hence, our advice is to opt for a fully guaranteed 3-months service and get up to two additional free visits, if needs be.
The Fantastic exterminator in Waverley will provide you with a service report and important pest prevention information, upon completion of the job. He will advise you on all the proofing measures you can take to keep your home or business free from health-hazardous intruders.

Have a closer look at what we can do

  • Squirrel

    For the squirrel control, the local Waverley exterminator will place special bait traps on carefully selected spots in your attic (the most common place that's been infested by these rodents). Once we have them, we'll dispose of them safely and in accordance with local laws and requirements.

  • Fogging

    Fogging is a pest control method, which brings immediate results. It is used for combating heavy insect infestations when other extermination treatments fail. The local pest technician in Waverley will perform the fogging service and provide you with important post-treatment safety information.

  • Cockroach

    Most of the customers call them "the crawling horrors" and this is true because if you don't know how to handle a cockroach infestation, things can go completely out of control. The local cockroach expert will use a special bait gel which the roaches will eat from and perish. A fogging service is another option to eliminate the insects immediately, along with their eggs.

  • Carpet Beetle

    Carpet beetles are widespread in Waverley and can cause severe infestations. We at Fantastic Pest Control offer different treatments depending on the size of the infestation. They include regular use of chemical products, heat treatment or fogging.

Waverley Fantastic Pest Control - Fast and Reliable

At just 20 minutes drive away from M25, Waverley is also in our emergency pest control service coverage. So, if you find your property infested with roaches, bed bugs or rats, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to investigate the problem within two hours. Customers in the areas below can benefit from our expedient response, too: 

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