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The local Thurrock pest controller will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

Before the exterminator proceeds with any treatment, an in-depth inspection of the property must be performed. The technicians will look for entry points, signs, damage to your property nests, and others.
The exterminator will use powerful and safe solutions. If required, the treatment will be performed in two sessions over the course of one month. The technician will proof possible entry points using sealants.
Professional post-service observation is another key element of our pest control treatment procedures. When you opt for the guaranteed service option you will be eligible for up to two additional visits within 3 months of the initial treatment.
The pest expert will give you instructions on what to avoid, in order to maintain the property pest-free. He will also provide you with a detailed service report, which you should keep safe for future reference.

Our Most Requested Services in Thurrock

  • Rodent removal

    Your exterminator will start by sealing entry points in walls, pipes and damaged surfaces. This will both discourage new rodents from entering and prevent current intruders from escaping their doom. Then, the rodent expert will carefully place a fast-acting rodenticide which will kill any mice and rats who wander about your home. We recommend scheduling at least two visits for a quality rodent removal with a long-lasting result.

  • Bird deterring

    There is only one way to prevent birds from causing damage to your building--scare them away. All local pest controllers are fully-equipped to deter flying pests such as seagulls, pigeons, and sparrows using a range of professional equipment and products. Moreover, as part of each service, the technician will check for any clues about what attracts those birds to the structure in the first place and will immediately report back to you.

  • Insect extermination

    We can treat your Thurrock property against a variety of crawling and flying insects such as fleas, flies, cockroaches, bed bugs, moths and more. For the task, your pest technician will use a range of insecticides with residual protection. This way, the intruders will be eliminated and your home protected for months to come.

  • Other services

    All local residents can take advantage of our additional services such as:

    - Pest proofing - the pest technician will instal special rodent proofing materials, such as door brush seals and vent meshes, to prevent mice and rats from entering;

    - Property fogging- we will send a professional pest officer to spray your property with a special ULV fogging machine that is designed to kill all insect pests such as mosquitoes, flies, flying ants, moths an more.

Efficient Same-day Pest Control in Thurrock

We will send a seasoned pro to your address in Thurrock on the same day of your call if you have an emergency pest removal request. You can also count on our short-notice assistance if you are located in the following nearby areas:

Royal society for public health
Prompt Verified
Ofqual Regulated
Qualifications wales organization
Council for the curriculum examinations and assessment

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