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Pest Control in South Northamptonshire

  • Complete eradication by using the latest proven methods
  • Fumigation service availability against heavy infestations
  • COSHH-compliant pest control treatments
  • Emergency service can be arranged upon request

Your local South Northamptonshire pest control expert will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

Your premises need to be inspected, first, before any treatment is performed. The exterminator will check for any signs of pest activity to determine the scale of the infestation and the exact type of pest.
Once the pest expert has collected information on the scale of the infestation and the pest, he will guide you through every step of the vermin removal procedures. He will advise you on the number of treatments your premises may need to undergo.
The pro will give you instructions to ensure that no more vermin are breeding at your home or commercial venue. Note that you can get up to two visits, free of charge, within 3 months, if you purchase a guaranteed service from us.
The service doesn't end once the pests are gone. Тhe pro will also give you expert tips on how to prevent further infestations.

Effective solutions for your pest issues

  • Heat Treatment

    There's a new service that is designed to handle large insect infestations such as bed bugs, moths, flies, fleas and more on a scale. The heat treatment works around the insect's resistance to pesticides by targeting them with high temperatures that they can't handle. It is 100% effective against spread out bed bug infestations because it kills even their eggs.

  • Fly Control

    House and cluster flies can get into your home through the smallest holes they find. It is extremely important to seal all of them and lay down the right fly traps or spray with the right insecticide. The Fantastic Pest Control technicians in South-Northamptonshire will do all of this with effective products and do a professional fly treatment.

  • Rodents

    There are many ways for mice and rats to enter your home and settle in, so the first task is to locate the entry points and seal them off with durable materials. After that, your exterminator will treat the actual infestation with poison and traps. At the end of each visit, your rodent technician will advise you on how to proceed next in order to avoid further rodent problems.

  • Fogging

    The insect fogging services offered by the Fantastic Pest Control team in South-Northamptonshire are COSHH-compliant and bring guaranteed and effective results. The insect exterminator will treat the entire property and provide you with relevant post-service safety information.

Reliable pest control service in South Northamptonshire

Whenever you need pest control service in South Northamptonshire, you can count on us. Even if you require an emergency pest treatment, we will be happy to help and assign a local pest specialist to resolve the issue.
Our service coverage also includes the following areas:

Postcode coverage: MK16, MK19, NN11, NN12, NN13, NN4, NN5, NN7, OX10, OX16, OX17, OX27

Other locations we cover nearby South Northamptonshire

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