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Pest Control in North East Lincolnshire

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Before the pest controller proceeds with any treatment, an in-depth inspection of the property must be performed. The technicians will look for entry points, signs, damage to your property nests and others.
The pest expert will use effective solutions. If required, the treatment will be performed in two sessions over the course of one month. The technician will proof possible entry points using sealants.
Professional post-service monitoring is another key element of our pest control treatment procedures. When you opt for the guaranteed service option you can benefit from up to two additional visits within 3 months of the initial treatment.
Don't hesitate to request pest proofing advice from your local professional while on site. He will readily inform you of the most effective pest prevention methods and on all the details you need to look for, so your property remains protected against the vermin.

ome of the pest treatments for home and business we provide in North East Lincolnshire

  • Squirrel Control

    The squirrel control treatment is usually done in several visits. The exterminator will use heavy-duty traps loaded with bait. You will then need to check on the traps every 10 to 12 hours. Once the squirrels are trapped, the professional will arrive to remove them from your property. Learn more about the service: Pest control for squirrels

  • Silverfish

    Silverfish are not poisonous and do not attack people or pets, but can cause damage to your belongings. Usually, they inhabit dark and moist places, such as basements, which means that an infestation can go unnoticed for a long time. Book a professional silverfish control service, and an expert exterminator will visit your home and spray the infested areas with a professional-grade insecticide.

  • Wasp Control

    We will come without delay to get rid of the dangerous wasps. The wasp control service is usually performed in one single visit when the well-equipped pest technician sprays the insects with a powerful insecticide. The product has a strong knock-down and at the same time, residual effect.

  • Ant Control

    The pest technician in North-East-Lincolnshire will arrive well-equipped and prepared for your address. He will locate the ant colony and will neutralize the insects with a powerful insecticidal powder or spray based on their judgment. The ant control service is available for a 1-month or a 3-month guaranteed service.

Pest Control for North East Lincolnshire and beyond

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Postcode coverage: DN31, DN32, DN33, DN34, DN35, DN36, DN37, DN39, DN40, DN41, LN3, LN8

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