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Pest Control in Melton

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Before the treatment, the local pest control team will evaluate your vermin situation.The inspection will help determine the scope of the issue, so that the best treatment could be selected.
Once the pest technician is familiar with your case he can advise you on the most suitable solution. If you agree the professional can proceed to the actual treatment of the property. Only high-quality chemicals and baits will be used to eliminate the pests.
Follow up visits are always advised for serious infestations. During the follow-ups, the pest controller will check the progress of the treatment and take additional actions against the pests, if needed.
The service doesn't end once the pests are gone. Тhe exterminator will also give you expert tips on how to prevent further infestations.

Get the Pest Extermination Service You Need

  • Squirrel Control

    Squirrel control is provided in several visits. To rid you of the fluffy animals, the specialist will use sturdy traps with suitable bait inside. You will then need to pay the cages a visit every 10 to 12 hours. Once all troublemakers are trapped, just let us know and the specialist will drive back to your property to take away the squirrels and dispose of them in line with the official laws.

  • Silverfish Control

    The so-called silverfish are nocturnal bugs that may freak you out every once in a while. They don't pose an imminent danger but they are known to bring damage to some parts of the property. If you notice more than one silverfish at your place, you should consider professional silverfish treatment to protect your property from potential damage.

  • Cockroach Control

    Most of the customers call them "the crawling horrors" and this is true because if you don't know how to handle a cockroach infestation, things can go completely out of control. The local cockroach expert will use a special bait gel that the roaches will eat from and perish. A fogging service is another option to eliminate the insects immediately, along with their eggs.

  • Wasp Control

    The buzzing stingers will usually be taken care of in a single wasp removal session. To remove the nest from your property, the pest controller will use an extendable wasp wand to inject a potent insecticide into the nest. This will paralyze the insects and kill them shortly after. If the nest is within reach, your exterminator will detach and dispose of it safely.

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Our mission at Fantastic Pest Control is to deliver convenient and effective services to as many people as we can. That is why we have expanded our scope of operations to include not just Melton, but a few more areas as well. See which areas are eligible for our regular, emergency (carried out within a few hours), or discreet services below:

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