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Pest Control in Guilford

  • Efficient treatment is done with COSHH-approved pesticides
  • Convenient appointments - emergency services, weekend appointments
  • Excellent customer service available 24/7 for you
  • Adequately deal with rodents, insects, birds
Local Pro

Meet Ernest - Your Local Pest Technician in Guildford

Ernest Lewis is being part of the Fantastic Family for around a year. For that time, he showed a dedication to every job, apart from its scope. He is well- trained and shows a real professionalism when a rodent, insect or any other vermin infest the neighbourhoods of Guildford.

Get the chance to say “Hello” to Ernest and “Goodbye” to the pest invasion you are dealing with, no matter if it’s a residential or a commercial property.

See What Your Local Pest Exterminators Can Help You With

  • Rodents Extermination and Control

    Rodents can cause a lot of damage to your home. Not only to your belongings but to the building as well. A rodent treatment should not be delayed! Booking a professional service guarantees you the complete extermination and protection of the property. A team of certified controllers will block rodents' entry points and put traps to deal with the individuals inside of the property.

  • Insects Extermination and Control

    Various insects cause various problems to you and your home. When there is an active infestation you will hardly be able to do anything on your own. Store bought insect sprays won't do much for you. Play it safe and call professional exterminators to treat your home.

  • Cockroaches Extermination and Control

    This is one of the most common pest problems in the UK. That is why every pest controller has all the knowledge and equipment to deal with this type of pests.

  • Commercial Clients

    When it comes to businesses and offices, you can't spare any resources. Book a professional inspection at the very first signs of pests. Better be safe than sorry. We can send local pest technicians to inspect the area and advise you if there is a need for a treatment. Call for a personalised quote now and keep your business safe.

Fantastic Pest Control - Keeping Your Home and Business Safe

The local franchisee operates and provides emergency services not only in Guilford but also in the following areas: Surrey Heath, Woking, Elmbridge, Waverley, Mole Valley.

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