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Pest Control in Fylde

  • Products supplied by an official UK provider
  • Safe insect, rodent, and bird pest monitoring and control
  • Service provided with the latest equipment in the field
  • Emergency and same-day treatments upon request

Get Mice Control and Insect Control and Forget About the Pests in Your Area

If you encounter a mouse or a cockroach every time you go into your kitchen to grab a snack, get in touch with us via phone or online. The local exterminator is trained in dealing with anything from the invisible dust mites to the much more tangible rats, birds, and squirrels in line with the latest UK safety protocols and without disturbing your schedule. To protect your privacy, he can also arrive in a discreet manner to perform any of the pest control methods on offer.

If there is a pest hiding in your property, finding it will only be a matter of time. The proficient exterminator will investigate the infested areas to determine how the creatures got inside. He will then pinpoint their nesting grounds, identify the species, and discuss with you the treatment options that you have available, for instance laying traps or spraying the area with insecticides.

Rodent, insect, squirrel and bird treatments all differ in the way they are approached. For rat control, the professional will use quality sealants and baits. For bed bug control and other insect treatments, he will spray the area with insecticides, and so on. The professional has successfully passed Killgerm’s Safe Use of Pesticides, so he will know just how much of each product to apply in order to kill the pests without harming you or your family in the process.

In some instances, more than one treatment is needed to fully eradicate the pest population. Booking any of our guaranteed services is highly recommended since you will be able to arrange up to two free visits after the initial treatment. So, if you spot any suspicious movement after the first treatment, contact us within the next 3 months and leave the rest to the expert.

The pest exterminator will securely proof your property and give you a free, personalised advice on how to maintain it pest-free. For instance, if you recently fought off a rat infestation and have your walls covered in ivy or a tree with long branches nearby, you may have to hire a garden specialist to cut the growth and deny the tiny climbers an easy entrance into your premises.

Pest Control in Fylde and the Surrounding Areas

Sometimes, "next week" is just not good enough for an answer. If you are terrified of spending even a day in the presence of pests, the certified pest technician can come to the rescue in mere hours. He is also at your service if you have properties in neighbouring areas as well.

Below are all the areas that we are currently able to assist you in.



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