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Pest Control in Fenland

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  • Vetted and experienced pest technician
  • Emergency treatments even on bank holidays

Tell Us More About The Pest in Your Home or Business... and Let Us Handle the Rest

To deal effectively with the vermin, we need a bit of information on the type of pest infestation you have, as well as on its scale. Share as much information as possible with our service representatives and they will schedule the best treatment for you.

Our goal is to give you 100% custom-tailored services to meet your exact needs. The exterminator we dispatch is fully equipped, insured, and have passed all relevant training courses to ensure that no pest will be able to evade their efficient methods.

Any pest control session is initiated only after the pest technician has acquired the needed information. Firstly, he needs to investigate how the pest got in, locate where it has settled in, and determine what is the most efficient way of smoking it out. Only then will the professional proceed with the actual treatment.

When done with the inspection, the pest exterminator will use advanced equipment to apply pesticides inside tiny crevices, which customers are otherwise unable to treat without specialised tools for pest control. Crawling and flying insects are most often killed with a spray-based insecticide. Rodents are either trapped or poisoned, while their entry points are sealed for good. Birds, such as seagulls and pigeons, are either trapped inside bird nets or are deterred away from your property with spikes and fire gels.

Any Fantastic Pest Control technician is obliged to carefully examine the results of their work. For example, your specialist will go through all treated areas to check for signs of further pest activity. When he confirms that the treatment has been fully successful, he will immediately depart, leaving you in your now de-pested property. Note that, if needed, you can take advantage of up to 2 follow-up visits for free if you book any of our guaranteed treatments.


Our goal isn't to simply get you rid of the vermin. We are very interested in providing you with a service that significantly reduces the chances of further animals from getting into your home or business property in the future. The pest controller will ensure that this is the case by sealing all entry holes and taking additional pest-proofing measures.

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The customer care professionals are at your disposal even on weekends and bank holidays. Don't hesitate to contact them even if you live beyond the boundaries of Fenland. We provide full coverage in various areas, including:

- Huntingdonshire;
- East Cambridgeshire;
- King's Lynn and West Norfolk;
- Peterborough.

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