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The pest survey consists of various steps that the exterminator will take to gather crucial intel about the pests in your home. There are plenty of questions which should be answered before proceeding with the treatment, some of which are: what pest are you dealing with?; how did the animals get in?; what's the most suitable treatment against the vermin?, etc. Once he learns all the answers, your professional will be able to make preparations for your treatment.




When the survey is successfully completed, the Fantastic pest technician will proceed with the pest extermination part of your service. Professional equipment is used during every stage of the treatment to complete the job in just one visit (does not apply for bed bug treatments which are done in 2 visits).

If you booked a guaranteed service, you will be able to order up to 2 more treatments free of charge. The expert will then return to re-treat any surfaces that may have been contaminated by any pests who have survived the initial treatment.

While other companies prefer to focus only on the extermination bit, Fantastic Pest Control goes the extra mile and aims at providing additional protection against future pests. For example, the specialist will block off all entry points with reliable sealants and can also fumigate your property as a separate service to give your premises a lasting protection against future pest invasions.

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