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Pest Control in Eden

  • Safe and COSHH-compliant local services
  • Free advice on avoiding future infestations
  • Bookings available for any day of the week
  • Single and guaranteed treatments offered

Pests are usually very adept at hiding. However, the exterminator has passed several rigorous training courses, so he knows their behavioural patterns and tendencies like no other. This, along with the specific trails that each species leaves, will help him to quickly identify the crawling or flying trouble and assess its population, after which he will pick a suitable treatment.

Sessions tend to vary wildly depending on the type of pest that is targeted. Let’s take squirrel trapping, for example. After surveying your attic and finding their nest, the specialist will lay several traps and will ask you to check on them every 12 hours. He will then arrive to remove the squirrels as soon as all traps are filled. Bed bug control, rat control, and wasp removal are also done in unique ways to deliver the best possible results and prevent a recurring infestation.

We offer 1-month or 3-months guaranteed services. If you booked one, you will be able to take advantage of two extra visits after your initial treatment, all free of charge. The expert will then carry out another inspection and apply a second round of treatment if deemed necessary.

Before the expert leaves, he will brief you on the best tactics you can use to keep your premises a pest-free zone from here onwards. This may include something as simple as avoiding leaving pet food outside for the night to more labour-intensive measures, such as frequently disinfecting and inspecting all rooms and surfaces in your property that may be at a risk of being re-infested.

Swift Pest Control in Eden

Angry wasps have settled near your Eden home? It’s an emergency, then! So, call us straight away and we’ll come fully equipped to ensure your family’s safety at once. Our express pest control services are available in many areas in the North, including: Carlisle, South Lakeland, and Allerdale.

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