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Pest Control in Copeland

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The first step to a successful pest service is an in-depth estate inspection. Any signs of pest activity will be noted and the local pest controller will evaluate the extent of the infestation. Then he will proceed to discuss with you the best possible pest treatment.
Depending on the pest, the local exterminator will employ a suitable, industry-standard rodent or insect control method, which may include the use of official UK supplier approved baits, gels or insecticidal sprays and powders.
In many cases follow up visits are mandatory in order to monitor the results of the initial treatment. On those visits, the pest control technician can collect dead rodents, re-apply baits or re-spray areas where insects are prominent.
The pest control technician will give you instructions on what to avoid, in order to maintain the property pest-free. He will also provide you with a detailed service report, which you should keep safe for future reference.

Some of the pest control treatments we perform in Copeland

  • Commercial Pest Control

    Small businesses, big corporations, and public institutions can all take advantage of Fantastic Pest Control’s bird control and heat treatment services.

    Bird control
    – great for keeping pigeons away; includes nets, spikes, and fire gels;
    Heat treatment – kills any insect; involves warming up the infested area to 56°C;
    Fogging – protects your property from pests; done with a long-lasting spray product.

  • Spider Control

    Even though most spiders are not harmful, they are still unpleasant and not welcomed. We can get rid of the spiders in your residential or commercial property quickly and effortlessly. The spider exterminators are equipped with top-notch tools and use only UK-approved and effective products.

  • Cockroach

    The kitchen is the most likely place to be affected by these crawling horrors. In case things are completely out of control, then we can resort to fogging that will eliminate the roaches immediately along with their eggs. Other than this, the use of a special bait gel is among our best practices. The roaches will eat it and perish. Learn more about the service: Cockroach treatment

  • Squirrel

    Sure, squirrels are cute and fun to behold but they can do damage to your property. They are also known to transfer parasites and diseases. If there are some squirrels running wild around your yard, then the squirrel control expert can capture them with bait traps and remove them from your property safely.

Get in Touch and Solve Your Pest Emergency Quickly and Efficiently

When the mice in your basement are more than you can count, turn to the local Fantastic Pest Control franchisee. The professional can arrive for any day of the week or even for emergency bookings within a few hours to identify the newcomers and methodically de-pest your property. The products used are all safe for your health and are provided by a leading supplier in the UK. The expert specialises in mice control, bed bug control, wasp removal and more!

Need Urgent Pest Control Help in Copeland?

Fantastic Pest Control can be your trusted partner in eliminating any vermin problems fast and at short notice. We offer emergency anti-pest solutions in Copeland and in the following Lake District areas:

Postcode coverage: CA14, CA18, CA19, CA20, CA21, CA22, CA23, CA24, CA25, CA26, CA27, CA28, LA18, LA19, LA20

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