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Pest Control in Copeland

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Get in Touch and Solve Your Pest Emergency Quickly and Efficiently

When the mice in your basement are more than you can count, turn to the local Fantastic Pest Control franchisee. The professional can arrive for any day of the week or even for emergency bookings within a few hours to identify the newcomers and methodically de-pest your property. The products used are all safe for your health and are provided by a leading supplier in the UK. The expert specialises in mice control, bed bug control, wasp removal and more!

Pests are more cunning than you may think. To reveal their secret hideouts and estimate their numbers, the pest exterminator will check the interior and exterior of your property for any suspicious openings. He will also keep an eye out for tell-tale signs of the pests’ presence, for instance droppings, unpleasant smells, or even dead animals.

Once the situation becomes clear, the professional will choose the right treatment for the pest species that have settled in. Below, you will find a few examples of three such treatments:

Wasp control – a paralysing powder will be injected into the hive to neutralise all wasps, after which the hive will be safely disposed of;

Rat control – the pest technician will use sealants to plug all rodent entry points, as well as lay traps in properties where the infestation is worse;

Bed bug control – two separate treatments with two different spray insecticides will be used to treat mattresses, curtains, clothes, and more.

After the treatment is done, keep an eye out for any sort of suspicious activity. If some of the sights or noises meet that criteria, get a hold of us as soon as possible and the exterminator will be back to finish the job before you know it. Book a guaranteed version of our service to get up to two free post-service visitations (available for up to three months after the initial session).

Now that the pests are gone for good, the friendly anti-pest professional will share his wealth of knowledge on how to ward off future pests from your property. You can also request a detailed, written report of all the products and treatment methods used during your pest control service.

Need Urgent Pest Control Help in Copeland?

Fantastic Pest Control can be your trusted partner in eliminating any vermin problems fast and at short notice. We offer emergency anti-pest solutions in Copeland and in the following Lake District areas:

- South Lakeland;
- Allerdale.

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