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Pest Control in Brighton & Hove

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Just Point at the Troublesome Pests and Consider Them Gone

Even the tidiest neighbourhood can become targeted by pests. Counting on your neighbours alone to tackle this problem might be a costly mistake, so get a hold of us today to schedule a diligent pest control inspection. The specialist will have a look around to locate the interlopers, pay their thriving nests a visit, and smoke them out using the latest and safest tech in the field.

Technician inspects for bed bugs

Each service, be it rat control, insect control, or squirrel trapping begins with a thorough inspection in order to answer several key questions, such as “Where are the pests hiding?”, “How many of them are there?” and “What equipment to use for their complete removal?” Once the pest controller has all the answers, he will instantly notify you about his next course of action.

Technician sprays for bed bugs

Insects, rodents, and other pests all have different properties and thus cannot be treated equally. For example, rat poison will probably not affect a nearby angry wasp population, and vice versa. However, what allows the pest technician to provide wasp removal, bed bug treatment, and other services is chiefly the fact that he has a product for virtually every individual pest, which means that each service will deliver the desired results 100% of the time.

Technician performs second treatment for bed bugs

Despite the efficacy of the products used by the specialist, a second treatment may sometimes be required to completely wipe out the pest population. In these instances, our guaranteed services will come in handy since they include up to 2 free visits valid for up to 3 months after your initial session! Note that our one-time treatments do not include this feature.

Pest technician performs rat proofing

We strive to deliver long-term results by using products with a strong residual effect, as well as using tried and tested pest proofing materials. Still, if you are concerned that your property could become the victim of a recurring infestation, you can always turn to the experienced professional who will gladly give you free tips on how to keep it well-protected.


Local Pro

Meet the Seasoned Pest Controller Near You

Stanimir is a partner who works under the Fantastic Pest Control brand name. As such, he has full access to all sorts of modern equipment designed to battle some of the most popular pests that roam the UK soil, and do so in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner. The expert has all the credentials to perform each of the treatments we offer, carries a public liability insurance, and can provide you with a detailed written risk assessment upon request.

Stanimir is the one responsible for the quality of our pest control in Southampton and Portsmouth.

Banish the Pests in a Single Day with Our Wide Range of Services

  • Mouse & Rat Control

    The specialist will investigate the infested area with great attention to detail to spot and fill in all rodent-made entrances up to ½ inches in radius with wire wool, expanding foam, and sealants. Several traps with potent poison will also be placed if the expert deems that the infestation has considerably grown in size. Rat and mice control is usually performed in one sitting.

  • Bed Bug Control

    Bed bugs are persistent little insects and require lots of patience on both your and the exterminator’s end. To perform the service, the expert will pay you two visits that will be carried out two weeks apart. Since the creatures have developed a natural resistance to most products on the market, bud bug treatments are performed with two types of insecticide sprays.

  • Wasp Control

    The wasp nest will be completely treated by a professional wasp exterminator. To disarm the angry wasps inside the nest, the pest technician will use an extendable wasp wand to inject a quick-acting powder into the nest, which will paralyse and kill the insects. Please bear in mind that we will perform wasp control only if absolutely necessary since some wasp species still play an important role in the ecosystem by helping with the pollination of plants.

  • Commercial Treatments

    In the world of fast-expanding businesses, corporate clients need to be more vigilant than ever regarding pest infestations. Once more, Fantastic Pest Control has you fully covered with a wide range of commercial anti-pest solutions, some of which include the following:

    Pigeon control – nets, spikes, and fire gels will keep the birds at a safe distance;

    Fumigation – a general use spray will be applied to all surfaces to prevent infestations;

Check the difference Fantastic Pest Control makes

Pest control done by professionals will always make the most sense if your goal is to get rid of the intruders as quickly, discreetly and effectively as possible.

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