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Pest Control in West Dorset

  • Safety first: expert pre-treatment advice
  • Efficacy: advanced, industry-powered methods
  • Free warranty-related information and reporting
  • Out-of-hours appointments, including public holidays

Fantastic Pest Control will S.T.O.P. the pest problems today!

Our 4-stage pest management procedures include a preliminary survey of your property when he pest controller spends sufficient time to check all vermin activity areas. The scale of the infestation will be easily analysed once the pro gathers different pieces of evidence: confirmation of the breeding site, signs of damaged items and property structures, visible excreta and stains, etc.
The most suitable treatment for your case will be applied safely and proficiently, whether your kitchen units and pantry are sprayed against moths, traps and baits are laid against mice or roaches, or a bird deterrent net is installed on your roof. The local pro always abides by all COSHH codes of practice and standards when resorting to insecticidal or other vermin extermination products.
For some insect infestations and out-of-control rodent issues, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our guaranteed service packages, which come with additional free visits, inspections and repeat treatments, if necessary and upon request. This way, you will rest assured that your property is comprehensively monitored for a pre-set period of time.
Your service concludes with the provision of a written service report, which specifies important safety information, details about the product and method used, as well as offers you warranty-related piece of advice. You are also welcome to ask your service provider about any pest prevention tips that he will be glad to share with you.
Local Pro

Introducing You to the Local Pest Specialist

Roger Stone has provided our services in West Dorset for a couple of years now. He is fully background-checked, certified and additionally trained to apply our high-quality service standards. The pest technician holds Public Liability Insurance and carries his ID at all times. He can arrive at your premises in an unbranded vehicle anytime if you wish to retain your family reputation or business image intact.

The local exterminator specialises in rodent control solutions, various insect treatments and humane seagull repellent techniques. To check his availability, get in touch with us at your convenience over the phone or fill our completion form online.

Roger also operates in the districts of Cornwall, Plymouth, East Devon and Swindon.

Here’s What We Can Help You Against

  • Rats and mice

    Known as being some of the most adaptable vermin species, rats and mice usually have no difficulties of entering any type of building. And once they discover a perpetual source of food, the rodents will start to breed fast and out of control. So, the only way to get rid of the health-hazardous pests is to exterminate them and block their entry points. The Fantastic pros know exactly what to do to help you eliminate a rat or mice infestation from your property.

  • Cockroaches

    Roaches are another type of disease-transmitting vermin, which have no place in your home or business facility. We use powerful but safe cockroach control methods and products, which will successfully neutralise the survivalist critters. Your local pest removal service provider will advise you on whether you need to consider more than one treatment, based on the severity of the infestation.

  • Other insects

    Our company specialises in various anti-insect solutions, which effectively eradicate moths, bed bugs, flea, ant and spider infestations. We use insecticidal sprays, powders and advanced fumigants, as well as gel baits and monitoring stations (ex: ants). In addition, the pest technicians, we rely on, boast expertise in eliminating safely wasp colonies from both commercial and residential properties.

  • Commercial pest control

    Our pest extermination and removal services for your business can be personalised to suit your specific requirements, based on the type of establishment you own or manage. We have devised effective pest control and management processes, which comply with all relevant legislation and health & safety standards.

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