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Pest Control in South Cambridgeshire

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Before the pest control technician proceed with any treatment a vigilant inspection of the property must be performed. The technicians will look for entry points, signs, damage to your property nests and others.
The pest control technician will use effective insecticides. If required, the treatment will be performed in two sessions over the course of one month. The technical will proof possible entry points using sealants.
Professional post-service monitoring is another key element of our pest control treatment procedures. When you opt for the guaranteed service option you can schedule up to two additional visits within 3 months of the initial treatment.
Our pest control technician will give you advice on how to proof your property against future pest problems. You will also receive a pest treatment report, which specifies important service details.

More details about our pest removal services

  • Bird Control

    Seagulls, pigeons, sparrows and other bird species can be a real nuisance. We deploy a variety of deterring techniques and tools in order to discourage them from perching and nesting on your building.

  • Rodents

    The local exterminator will outsmart his long-tailed opponents by laying traps with a fast-acting pesticide. This will ensure quick rat and mouse control in your home. To discourage other rodents from entering your property, he will also seal all entry points in walls, pipes and other damaged areas with wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam.

  • Moth Control

    The Fantastic Pest Controller will visit the property and examine the situation. He will check for any signs and all hiding places such as wardrobes, cabinets or pantries for moths. This step helps him decide which treatment is the best. There are three types of moths treatments: spraying with insecticides, fogging or heat treatment.

  • Fly Control

    Fly control is essential for businesses in the food industry. If you have such a business, regardless of how small or big, and you have a fly problem, you can contact us and hire local pest exterminators to deal with the infestation. South-Cambridgeshire fly control experts work seven days a week. We also offer several options for dealing with flies - fogging, heat treatment, or a standard fly treatment.

Local Pest Exterminators in South Cambridgeshire

Fantastic Pest Control can help you arrange a discreet and emergency pest control service right now! Simply get in touch and let the experienced pest technician evaluate all the details of the infestation and come up with a tailor-made pest management plan for you.

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