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Pest Control in Sedgemoor
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When Pests Invade Your Sedgemoor Property Help Is at Hand

Yes, this is correct because Fantastic Pest Control serves now customers in Sedgemoor. Whether you run a business, rent a flat or you are a homeowner in the area, you can call on our pest removal expertise at all times, even on a public holiday.

We work with fully certified and insured local exterminators who know their vermin too well. They are experienced in combating various pest infestations of different extent, from eliminating a mild spider issue, relocating a family of squirrels to eradicating a full-blown cockroach or rat infestation. So, don’t hesitate to a hire a pest technician pro near you and he will arrive to address the problem at a time that is good for you. Same-day appointments are also available, subject to urgency and location.

Pest controllers inspects a property for mice.

The first step that the Fantastic pro will undertake, upon arrival, is to check your premises for evidence of the pesky pests’ damaging activity, such as contaminated areas, structural damages and tarnished items. He will also identify the likely points of entry, if applicable. Once, the local specialist gathers all the information and assesses the scale of the problem, he will proceed with the most effective treatment.

Technician puts mice bait in a box.

Our anti-pest treatments may be: placing traps and gel baits (ex: rats, mice, roaches); spraying/dusting with an insecticide (ex: fleas, dust mites, wasps, spiders, moths, bed bugs and more), placing monitoring stations (ex: ants, termites); using an endoscopic camera and applying a rodenticidal product (ex: rats and mice), catching, relocating and blocking entry (ex: squirrels), or installing bird-repellent nets, spikes and gels (ex: pigeons, seagulls and sparrows).

We have devised various service packages, which include re-evaluation processes within a set time frame. As an example, if you purchase our complete service to eradicate a cockroach control issue, you can request two extra follow-up inspections and treatments, if needed, within 3 months, which will be absolutely free of charge.

Pest technician gives prevention advice

To prevent pest recurrences, you can seek the expert’s specialised pest-proofing tips. They will help you avoid problems with the same vermin in the near future. The specialist will also present you with a service report, which will contain details about the anti-pest product, he has applied, as well as other warranty-related information.

I got a fantastic service from you guys! Your name is well deserved. I got my house treated for cockroaches and the entire time I worked with your employees, they were great. Friendly and polite, and the exterminators were very careful and detailed when treating the house. So far I haven't spotted any cockroaches! Thanks a lot!

Georgia from Sedgemoor

Your Emergency Pest Removal Needs in Sedgemoor Are Covered with Us

That’s right! If you reside in Sedgemoor or run a business in the area, you can count on our fast response, whenever you require an immediate vermin extermination or removal treatment. The nearby locations, listed below, are also on our emergency availability service list:

- North Somerset

- Bath and North East Somerset

- Mendip

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