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Pest Control in Sandwell
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Enlist the Help of a Local Pest Expert to Drive the Pests Away

Do you have the suspicion that pests are lurking in the dark areas behind appliances or furniture? Then don’t waste time any further and get in touch with the licensed exterminator in Sandwell to efficiently get rid of the vermins. The specialist is fully insured for your peace of mind and does not work by the hour, meaning that he will stay on your property until all work is complete.

Some of the pest control services we are known for

  • Bed bug control

    Our experience shows that the preferred way to handle bed bug infestations is with two treatments. The period between the two visits is two weeks apart. Are you wondering why a secondary treatment with a different product is necessary? This is done to guarantee pest-free premises because some of the bed bugs (a small percentage) will develop resistance against the biocide used against them.

  • Mice control

    Rodents are able to chew through almost any surface, which makes it easy for them to use small holes in walls to enter the property. That is why the local pest exterminator will ensure that all possible entry points will be blocked and sealed. Other than that, we can place various traps to capture the existing mice.

  • Cockroach control

    Any dark area that can be considered as the perfect food source is a likely place that can be affected by cockroaches. Most of the customers call them "the crawling horrors" and this is true because if you don't know how to handle a cockroach infestation, things can go completely out of control. The local cockroach expert will use a special bait gel which the roaches will eat from and perish. A fumigation service is another option to eliminate the insects immediately, along with their eggs.

  • Pest control for your business

    If you think your commercial property is infested, contact us asap and make an appointment for an inspection. The professional pest technician will come to your address and evaluate the entire property with a thorough inspection. He will then make sure that the threat is completely eliminated. Keep in mind that the pest technician can also arrive in a non-branded vehicle to keep the whole thing discreet.

Expert Pest Control Services in Coventry by Fantastic Pest Control

Our professional pest control services in Coventry are on your availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Yes, we are operating even on bank holidays. Basically, we can respond to your pest problem immediately. Don’t hesitate at all and give us a call even it is during the peak of the infestation time, we know how to handle vermins. You can take advantage of emergency pest control service not only in Coventry but:

- City of Wolverhampton;
- Dudley;
- Walsall;
- City of Birmingham.


Wonderful attitude! Professional guys that help you through the entire process and until you are satisfied with their job. I was flattered by the attention they gave me. They called a few times to inquire if the treatment was successful! Keep being fantastic.

Brian Stevenson

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