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Restore Hygiene and Health at Your Property with Fantastic Pest Control

Health-hazardous pests are a far too common sight in domestic and commercial property environments these days. And oftentimes, this has nothing to do with how clean our home or business facility is. Hence, don’t fret over the why and how vermin happened to infest your property but get help right away with Fantastic Pest Control!
We serve customers in Greater London and throughout the UK. So, if you are located in the borough of Runnymede, rest assured that we will assign a local exterminator to the task without delay.

Below, you can have a look at the four steps take to complete your pest removal service.

Pest technician prepares for cockroach inspection

A careful inspection of the affected areas is what the pest technician will do, upon arrival at your property. He will check for possible entry points (rodents), damages and other signs of pest activity in order to evaluate the scale of your vermin problem.

Pest technician observes results after flying insects treatment

Whether pigeons have settled on your roof, roaches have seized your food establishment or you require urgent assistance with a bed bugs control issue at home, the local pest controller will apply an effective pest repellent or extermination treatment with excellent results. We also offer wildlife removal solutions (ex: for squirrels), which are executed in a humane fashion.

Technician inspects for crawling insects

If you still notice an evidence of pest activity after the initial treatment, you can request a second visit from us. Note that you will be eligible to get a free re-treatment if you purchase a 3-months guaranteed service, which involves some monitoring actions on your part during the above period.

Pest technician proofing a commercial property

These are necessary to take if you want to make sure that the results of our pest removal service remain effective for longer. The pest service provider will offer his specialist knowledge and proofing tips to you so that you benefit fully from your anti-vermin treatment.

I enjoyed working with Fantastic Pest controllers in Runnymede last week when they had to send a team to inspect and treat the house. They were understanding and flexible with the appointment and were discreet which I loved. I am very grateful to everyone who helped us.

Trevor Nash

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With our comprehensive emergency service coverage within the M25 zone, commercial and residential customers in Runnymede can benefit from our fast response when in urgent need of pest control solutions. We also service the following areas:


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