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Pest Control in Rother

  • A wide range of treatments: insects, rodents, birds, squirrels
  • Certified and insured technician with 24/7 emergency availability
  • Professional proofing advice by a seasoned expert in the field
  • Methods compliant with the latest COSHH regulations in the UK

Your local Rother pest technician will put a S.T.O.P. to the pests today!

The Rother pest controller performs a thorough survey of the affected areas. The inspection helps to determine the severity of the infestation in order to decide on an effective pest treatment. Note that the exterminator may advise you on vacating the premises for a short while.
Based on his findings, the specialist will suggest the most suitable pest treatment in your circumstances and will proceed with its application. This may involve the use of repellents or pesticides.
Follow up visits are always advised for serious infestations. During the follow-ups, the pro will check the progress of the treatment and take additional actions against the pests, if needed.
The pro will give you instructions on what to avoid, in order to maintain the premises pest-free. He will also provide you with a detailed service report, which you should keep safe for future reference.

Additional information about some of our pest treatments

  • Fly Control

    House and cluster flies can get into your home through the smallest holes they find. It is extremely important to seal all of them and lay down the right fly traps or spray with the right insecticide. The Fantastic Pest Control technicians in Rother will do all of this with effective products and do a professional fly treatment.

  • Insects

    We are a company that wants the best for its customers. We are offering you a number of other services that will complete your experience. For example, you can book a property fogging service to ensure that the premises are safe and secure against pesky insects. The treatment deals with a wide variety of insects such as moths, flies, carpet beetles and more.

  • Wasp Control

    Our wasp removal assistance can be invaluable if you stumble across a large nest with angry stingers near your property. This applies especially if you have young children who are far more sensitive to a wasp’s toxic sting than adults. Hence, don’t hesitate to get an emergency wasp control solution with us!

  • Carpet Beetle

    Carpet beetles are widespread in Rother and can cause severe infestations. We at Fantastic Pest Control offer different treatments depending on the size of the infestation. They include regular use of chemical products, heat treatment or fogging.
    Learn more about the service: Carpet Beetles Treatment

De-pest Your Property with an Emergency Session in Rother

No matter when the pests decide to raid your real estate, you can always organise a swift retaliation. Just make sure to get in touch with us via phone or book your desired service online.

The expert will then need up to two hours to knock on your front door, after which he will meticulously hunt down the infiltrators and using sealants, sprays, baits, powders, and more.

Here is the full list of the areas the pro can cover in addition to Rother: 

Postcode coverage: BN24, TN18, TN19, TN21, TN31, TN32, TN33, TN34, TN35, TN36, TN37, TN38, TN39, TN40, TN5

Other locations we cover nearby Rother

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