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Pest Control in Rossendale

  • Safe and insured treatments against all type of UK pests
  • Extensive pest methods: inspection, treatment, prevention
  • All work is done in line with the latest COSHH standards
  • Key pick-up and delivery and collection service (if needed)

Just Point at the Pests and Let the Fully Equipped Pro Handle the Rest

Nothing ruins a good night's sleep more than having to fend off pests with a broom in the middle of the night. Save yourself the stress and the extra cup of coffee in the morning and order expert pest control in Rossendale.

The local Fantastic Pest Control franchisee has passed Safe Use of Pesticides course, and has clocked up several years in the pest treatment department. All his work is fully insured and he will stay in your property for as long as needed to safely chase away anything from rodents and insects to birds and squirrels.

Our pest control treatments follow a four-step checklist in order to ensure best results:

Pests excel at the hide and seek game, which is why a preliminary property inspection is always needed in order to identify their kind, find their nests, and calculate their numbers.

The pest technician will then take the appropriate mice control, insect control, bed bug treatment or other measures to deal with the rascals based on whether your infestation is in its early stages of development or not.

There is no one spray to rule all pests. Luckily, the specialist is always prepared for every situation as his van will contain all kinds of pest control equipment. Rats will be deterred by filling in all their small tunnels with efficient sealants and/or with poisonous bait traps.

Bed bug treatment, on the other hand, will require the expert to visit your home or business property on two occasions and treat sofas, mattresses, armchairs, and all other infested furniture with two different insecticides to ensure that the creatures have perished for good.

Wasp nest treatment is done by spraying the hive with a powerful knock-out powder which destroys the dangerous insect in a matter of minutes.

A critical part of every service is observation. If, despite the initial session, you still see some of the creatures going about their usual business, then give us a call to schedule a follow-up pest control treatment. The good news is that you can schedule up to two free visits if you booked a guaranteed service, as long as you do so in a period of 3 months after the initial treatment.

With the whole property proofed, the pest exterminator will give you great tips on how to keep your home or business building the impregnable fortress that it currently is. Upon request, your local exterminator can also give you detailed risk and COSHH assessment reports for wasp removal, bed bug control, or anything else that you may have ordered, which is especially handy if you run a big business.

Fantastic Pest Control – Now in Rossendale and the Surrounding Areas

Do you need expert assistance right at this very moment? The pest control near you can come to you in just a few hours after your phone call by performing an emergency service. The expert can also arrive in a discreet manner to keep your pest matters private. Besides Rossendale, we also expanded our reach to several neighbouring regions, which are listed below:

- exterminators in Burnley;
- exterminators in Hyndburn;
- exterminators in Blackburn with Darwen;
- exterminators in Bury;
- exterminators in Rochdale;
- exterminators in Liverpool.

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