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We are a recognised pest management company, which serves residential and commercial clients nationwide, including Norwich. So, if you require a timely and effective vermin removal assistance, get in touch today!

We have partnered with local fully insured franchisees who have the experience and the qualifications to provide you with a reliable pest relief against roaches, dust mites, bed bugs, squeaky rodents and more. The pest technicians also have the expertise to keep pigeons and seagulls from roosting on your roof. We follow proven procedures that include an inspection, a pest repellent/extermination treatment, a follow-up observation and prevention advice.

Our Services for the Norwich Area

  • Rodents removal

    There are many ways for mice and rats to enter your home and settle in, so the first task is to locate the entry points and seal them off with durable materials. After that, your exterminator will treat the actual infestation with poison and traps. At the end of each visit, your pest technician will advise you on how to proceed next in order to avoid further rodent problems.

  • Insect control

    Insects, such as bed bugs, wasps, fleas and more can cause allergic reactions and some species even transmit diseases. To tackle the problem you're having, the pest technician will use strong insecticides or fumigants, depending on the severity of the infestation. Some infestations require multiple treatments, so make sure you book our guaranteed procedures, which include free visitations.
  • Dead animal removal

    Fantastic Pest Control in Norwich can assist you with locating and disposing of animal carcasses from your premises. We can safely remove small specimens of rodents, birds, and even snakes.

  • Business services

    Our pest treatments can be tailored to fit the needs of a business and we've been helping restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals and more with various types of infestation. Contact us to learn more and we'll develop your customised pest control plan.

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Need an emergency pest inspection and treatment in Norwich? Contact us right away and we’ll send a local pro to see the problem. We also cover the following nearby areas:

Isabelle Rice

I booked with your company a service to treat my house for ants and I found the exterminators to be very skilled at what they do. I didn't know there were so many things you could do to prevent an ants infestation. They told me a couple of things I should do and I definitely will. I'm very pleased with your company and will try to recommend it to people when they ask about a reliable pest control agency,

Isabelle Rice

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