Pest Control in North Norfolk

  • Guaranteed procedures or one-off treatments
  • The expert stays on site for as long as needed
  • Unbranded pest control van for a discreet visit
  • Survey, treatment, and prevention all included

Your local North Norfolk pest control expert will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

The local exterminator will inspect for all the signs of infestation, such as entry points, activity traces, damages, etc. The pest control expert will determine the scope of the problem and provide you with the best possible solution against the vermin.
Depending on the pest, the local specialist will employ a suitable, industry-standard rodent or insect control method, which may include the use of official UK supplier approved baits, gels or insecticidal sprays and powders.
Follow up visits are always advised for serious infestations. During the follow-ups, the pest controller will check the progress of the treatment and take additional actions against the pests, if needed.
At the end of your pest management service, the local professional will explain to you what else can be done, in order to prevent your home or business from re-infestations in the future.

Have a closer look at what we can do

  • Squirrel

    Aside from being cute and fluffy, squirrels can cause a number of problems if they have access to your home. If your house is located near a park or a tree, then you may know just how big of a nuisance they can be. Fantastic squirrel control expert in North Norfolk has experience in dealing with squirrels and can easily install baits to trap the troublemakers and rid your property of them.

  • Commercial Pest Control

    Small businesses, big corporations, and public institutions can all take advantage of Fantastic Pest Control’s commercial services. Bird control – great for keeping pigeons away; includes nets, spikes, and fire gels; Heat treatment – kills any insect; involves warming up the infested area to 56°C; Fogging – protects your property from pests; done with a long-lasting spray product.

  • Spider Control

    The procedure of treating spiders starts with a survey when the exterminator will visit and check the property. Then he will decide what type of treatment will be the most effective and will execute the service. The expert comes with top-notch equipment and powerful insecticides that guarantee up to 100% eradication.

  • Fly Control

    Fly control is essential for businesses in the food industry. If you have such a business, regardless of how small or big, and you have a fly problem, you can contact us and hire local pest exterminators to deal with the infestation. North-Norfolk fly control experts work seven days a week. We also offer several options for dealing with flies - fogging, heat treatment, or a standard fly treatment.

We Cover North Norfolk and Other Surrounding Districts

If your property is infested with bed bugs, roaches or rats, just give us a call and we will send the local expert to investigate the matter and resolve your problem. We can also conduct our treatments on evenings and weekends, depending on your preferences.

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