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Pest Control in North Norfolk
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Get Rid of Pests for Good with Fantastic Pest Control in North Norfolk

For effective pest eradication in the area, call your local exterminator. Fantastic Pest Control works with professional pest technicians in North Norfolk, meaning we are just a call away from ridding your home or office of the annoying intruder.

Our treatments are flexible – we are able to suit the needs of households and businesses equally well. Our three-step method (inspection, treatment, protection) guarantees that all traces of pests will be gone in no time.

Inspection for dust mitesSuccessful pest control requires verifying the species and understanding the scope of the infestation. Only with this information can your local exterminator determine the most effective way of removing the invaders from your premises.
Dust mites treatment with UV vacuum cleanerThe pest pro will pick products and tools in accordance with his findings. He will apply professional pesticides to all infested areas and will use deterrents or obstructive products, if applicable. Our services are not hourly based, so the exterminator will stay until the job is complete.
The results of our dust mites treatmentSome treatments, such as mice, rat and bird control, include preventative measures, for instance sealing of entry points or the installation of various deterrent solutions. Additionally and for a small fee, you can also request from the exterminator to install rodent-proofing gadgets.
Pest technician writes report about the serviceOnce the infestation has been destroyed, you'll need to know how to protect your home or office from future problems. Your pest technician will advise you on all the best practices that you can take to alleviate your situation further.

Eleanor Briggs

Quick and reliable service. Everything happened quickly and easily. I called and booked a treatment for three days later. They arrived, they sprayed, I paid and they left. A girl called me the next day to ask if I was pleased with the job. And I was. Everything stills seem fine. Thank you for the job and for the nice attitude.

Eleanor Briggs

We Cover North Norfolk and Other Surrounding Districts

If your property is infested with bed bugs, roaches or rats, just give us a call and we will send the local expert to investigate the matter and resolve your problem. We can also conduct our treatments on evenings and weekends, depending on your preferences. If you live in Great Yarmouth, Broadland or Breckland, you can also take advantage of our guaranteed treatments.

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