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Pest Control in North Hertfordshire

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The pest controller in North Hertfordshire will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

The local pest controller will first perform a rigorous inspection of your North Hertfordshire property for all the signs of pest activity. Doing this will help to assess the level of the infestation and decide on a suitable treatment.
Depending on your situation, a treatment will be implemented that will guarantee the desired results. Some pest infestations may require more than one treatment, however, you will be additionally advised by your local pest technician.
Professional post-service monitoring is another key element of our pest control treatment procedures. When you opt for the guaranteed service option you can benefit from up to two additional visits within 3 months of the initial treatment.
The pest expert will make sure all entry points are blocked so that the vermins won't come back. He will write and give you a report where the whole process is described and will provide you with professional advice on ho to avoid future infestations.

Some of the pest control services we offer

  • Mice Control

    The mice exterminator will seal any rodent-made apertures that he spots (no bigger than ½ inches) with wiring wool, sealants, and expanding foam. This will prevent any outside intruders from coming back in. For bigger infestations where the rodents have built their nests right under your roof, the expert will also use sturdy traps with poisonous bait to stop the pests in their tracks.

  • Wasp Control

    The professional pest technician will locate the colony in no time and will treat the site with insecticidal powder, which has a toxic effect on the wasps’ nervous system. The wasp control service offered by Fantastic Pest Control also includes the removal of the nest, if it's easily accessible.

  • Spider Control

    Even though most spiders are not harmful, they are still unpleasant and not welcomed. We can get rid of the spiders in your residential or commercial property quickly and effortlessly. The spider exterminators are equipped with top-notch tools and use only UK-approved and effective products.

  • Flea Control

    After a careful inspection of the affected areas in your home or business, the pest technician will spray them with a quality insecticidal product. He will also advise you on all the post-service measures you should take, such as airing the place for some time after the flea treatment.

Pest Control Solutions for Your Property in North Hertfordshire

If you notice any signs of a pest infestation, call us ASAP and detail your concerns, then leave the rest to your local pest technician. He will handle the infestation efficiently and in no time.

Postcode coverage: AL4, AL6, LU2, SG1, SG15, SG16, SG2, SG3, SG4, SG5, SG6, SG7, SG8, SG9

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