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Pest Control in Ipswich

  • 24/7 emergency response by local specialists
  • Guaranteed high-level of workmanship
  • Proven methods against rodents, insects & birds
  • A variety of appointment slots to suit your needs

Our Effective Pest Removal Services

  • Rodent extermination

    We may treat your mice or rat infestation with powerful but pet-safe rodenticides, placed in baits and traps in strategic locations. The pest pros can also block all entry points, so that the vermin has no chance of re-entering or escaping the property (prior to being caught).
    In addition, the company specialises in squirrel removal, which is done in a safe way and in accordance to local requirements and laws.

  • Insect control

    From fleas, bed bugs, flies and spiders to kitchen moths and cockroaches - we know how to rid you of the crawling and flying insect pests. For best results, book a guaranteed service with us, which can include multiple free inspections and treatments if needs be and upon request.

  • Wasp removal

    Wasps can be simply dangerous - there are no two ways about it. Thus, call us right away if you notice a fast-growing colony of buzzing stingers. The pest technician will handle the nest removal and the extermination of the wasp population expertly and safely.

  • Business pest control

    Choose our regular inspections, treatments and monitoring options as part of a comprehensive commercial pest control and management programme for businesses. You will be able to count on a personal account manager who will handle the logistics and the execution of your services. So, whether you run a busy office, own a shop or a trendy restaurant in Ipswich, we’ve got you covered!

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Whether you own a business or you are a proud homeowner in Ipswich who has a pressing vermin problem, don’t worry as reliable help is at hand! We offer emergency property inspections and anti-pest treatments in the area and in the following nearby locations, as well:

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