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Pest Control in Ipswich
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The Fantastic Pest Control’s Team in Ipswich Is Always Ready to Help

The stress that a hard-to-control pest problem can cause to your family or business can be devastating, mainly because the latter is often underestimated. Don’t let this happen to you but get help without delay!

We offer timely professional pest removal solutions, including emergency pest relief. The company counts on local pest technicians who are certified and experienced to handle various types of vermin infestations. The pros are fully equipped and insured to effectively make your property vermin-free again and help you keep it as such long term. Upon request, they can take care of your pest problem in a discreet manner.

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Our Effective Pest Removal Services

  • Rodent extermination

    We may treat your mice or rat infestation with powerful but pet-safe rodenticides, placed in baits and traps in strategic locations. The pest pros can also block all entry points, so that the vermin has no chance of re-entering or escaping the property (prior to being caught).
    In addition, the company specialises in squirrel removal, which is done in a safe way and in accordance to local requirements and laws.

  • Insect control

    From fleas, bed bugs, flies and spiders to kitchen moths and cockroaches - we know how to rid you of the crawling and flying insect pests. For best results, book a guaranteed service with us, which can include multiple free inspections and treatments if needs be and upon request.
  • Wasp removal

    Wasps can be simply dangerous - there are no two ways about it. Thus, call us right away if you notice a fast-growing colony of buzzing stingers. The pest technician will handle the nest removal and the extermination of the wasp population expertly and safely.
  • Business pest control

    Choose our regular inspections, treatments and monitoring options as part of a comprehensive commercial pest control and management programme for businesses. You will be able to count on a personal account manager who will handle the logistics and the execution of your services. So, whether you run a busy office, own a shop or a trendy restaurant in Ipswich, we’ve got you covered!

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Whether you own a business or you are a proud homeowner in Ipswich who has a pressing vermin problem, don’t worry as reliable help is at hand! We offer emergency property inspections and anti-pest treatments in the area and in the following nearby locations, as well:

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