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Pest Control in Hastings
  • Safe and landlord-approved methods and products
  • Trained, insured, and uniformed pest technician
  • Non-hourly-based service for optimal results
  • Flexible bookings: workdays, weekends, holidays

Tired of Battling Pests? Fantastic Pest Control Is Here to Help

Needing professional ant, spider, dust mite, mice, rat, or any other form of treatment? Then look no further than the seasoned specialist in your area. The pest technician has successfully freed dozens of properties – from homes, hotels, and offices to schools and other public properties – fast and in line with all COSHH standards. He can also issue a written report listing the products and techniques used during the treatment, as well as give you free, personalised pest-proofing tips.

We Have a Service for Every Widespread Pest in the UK

  • Anti-vermin Services

    Both rat control and mice control are done in one visit and will be carried out in two stages. The first one includes proofing of all rodent entry points with sealants, expanding foam, and wire wool. For the second stage and if the infestation is serious, the exterminator will deploy several traps around the premises in order to poison and dispose of the critters in a safe manner.

  • Insecticide Treatments

    In his battle against the creepy-crawlies, the professional will use various products, such as sprays and powders. Bed bug treatments, for instance, are done with two different sprays products over the course of two visits. Wasp control is done by injecting a potent insecticide from a distance. And cockroaches are dealt with using a “domino-effect” poison – once eaten, it will spread quickly spread throughout the roach population and wipe them out in about 24 hours.
  • Woodworm Treatments

    All wood beetle larvae inside your furniture will be sprayed with an insecticide. If that doesn’t work, the expert will reveal another trick up his sleeve – a potent paste. Using a special gun, he will inject that paste into the small opening on the wooden surface to exterminate all larvae within. If the latter method is used, we will extend the guarantee period for your service.
  • Services for Your Business

    Fumigation – treating vulnerable areas with a spray to ward off potential infestations;

    Bird control – using nets, spikes, and fire gels to disperse the irksome pigeon flocks;

    Pest proofing – the expert pest controller will come to instal rodent-proofing tools around your property.

Get Express Pest Treatments in Hastings and Nearby Places

Whether it’s the dead of night or a bank holiday, the pest exterminator is always ready to grab his equipment and provide prompt wasp control, bed bug treatments, or whatever else is necessary to purge your property from crawling or flying interlopers. We offer same-day and emergency appointments in the Hastings area, as well as in several other regions, including:

5 stars for the professional pest controllers in Hastings. Definitely, the best pest control company we've used so far. This is the third company that we have tried and was the most efficient one. We would use them again for sure but hopefully, we don't have to.

Jane and Will from Hastings

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