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Pest Control in East Cambridgeshire
  • Guaranteed pest treatments in your area
  • Discreet approach to domestic and business properties
  • Full procedures: inspection, control, prevention advice
  • Long-lasting protection with pet- and child-safe products

Forget About the Vermin with Our Pest Control in East Cambridgeshire

The fastest way to get rid of pests will always be by hiring a professional exterminator. And Fantastic Pest Control is now able to offer you guaranteed and discreet pest removal in East Cambridgeshire. All the exterminators we work with are certified and compliant with all COSHH requirements. The treatments are flexible and can be scheduled for any day of the week.

Our procedures follow this tried and tested method:

  • - We inspect – to make sure that all vermin will be eliminated, we first check your property from top to bottom to identify the pest species;
  • - We exterminate – with the help of the latest industry equipment and potent pesticides, none of the critters stands a chance. We offer single treatments, as well as service packages to fit your needs;
  • - We educate – you need to know how to protect yourself from future pest encounters. This is where our expert knowledge comes in handy. Your exterminator will give you advice on pest prevention, as well as tips on what to do after the treatment, is complete.

Pest controllers inspects a property for mice.Each procedure starts with a careful examination of the current situation. Your exterminator will evaluate the infestation and mark all areas that require his attention.

Technician puts mice bait in a box.Each treatment depends on the pest that infests the premises. We employ a range of professional tools and products to eliminate the intruders. Some treatments include placing of deterrents, while others – sealing of entryways. Either way, once we know what vermin we're dealing with, we will choose the most potent solution to rid you of the problem.

A technician observing the results from the mice treatment.Our services end with professional advice from your local pest technician. Now that your home is pest-free, you need to know how to protect it in the future. Additionally, we can offer you to install professional-grade proofing solutions to prevent rodents from entering and establishing a colony.

Spraying after heat treatment.Dead animal removal – you can book this service if you've found a dead rodent in your home. A local professional will arrive to pick up the animal and dispose of it in a safe manner.

General fumigation – this service protects your property from a variety of flying and crawling insects, such as carpet beetles, fleas, flies, moths, spiders and more. If you are aware that a property nearby is infested and want to keep yours pest-free – this is your go-to solution.

Emergency Pest Control Now Available in East Cambridgeshire

In times when you need emergency extermination, call Fantastic Pest Control to get a local technician as quickly as possible. If you run a business, you should also know that we can perform our services during weekends, off-hours, and bank holidays as well.
Our expert pest treatments are also available in several neighbouring areas, such as:

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