Wasp and pest control in Derby

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  • Guaranteed pest control treatments for 3 months
  • Rodent proofing is available on request
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Pest control for households, landlords and businesses in Derby

Every pest control treatment begins with a thorough inspection of the property. During the inspection, the pest exterminator is better able to detect the infestation and identify the pests that are present.
To eliminate pests in Derby, the exterminator will choose the most effective pest treatment. For rat and mouse control, we use baits and traps, and for insect control, we use spray-based products.
You will get a free property inspection and additional treatment twice in a 3-month period. The pest control services we provide are guaranteed to eradicate vermin infestations completely.
A written service report is included with every pest control treatment in Derby. As part of our pest eradication services, we provide pest management plans and pest prevention tips.

A wide range of pest control services are available in Derby

  • Fogging

    To combat flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, and flies, fogging is the most effective method. A specialised Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging machine is used by the pest exterminator. It produces a vapour containing a small amount of insecticide mixed with water that kills flying pests instantly.

  • Pest control for businesses

    For restaurants, offices, and businesses in Derby, we provide commercial pest control solutions such as cockroach and rodent control and other pest control treatments. We often receive requests from commercial clients for the removal of rats and mice from storage areas and warehouses.

  • Wasp nest removal and control

    We provide a range of pest control services, including wasp nest removal in Derby. Contact us and hire a local wasp exterminator instead of trying to remove a wasp nest on your own. The pest technician will immediately apply insecticide powder. An infestation of wasps will be effectively eradicated within minutes of neutralising the nest.

  • Rodent control Derby

    Mice and rats can cause a lot of damage to your home. In addition to destroying structural features in your home, they can also transmit diseases. There are qualified exterminators on our team who are trained to deal with rodent infestations quickly. Our pest experts can also help with squirrel control.

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