What is the First Thing You Should Do If You See Signs of Pest Infestation?

Pest infestations are one of the worst nightmares that can happen to you. Some pests are more annoying and dangerous than others. No matter if they are mice, bed bugs, spiders or other pests, their footprints might scare the hell out of you.
Don’t just sit back and remain inactive because the infestation might become out of control.


Rats or mice are one of the most prevalent and scary pest infestations you might become a victim of in the UK. 


Before outlining the things to do when you see signs of rats or mice, we have to define the evidence:

  • Footprints: these little tracks can be spotted on dusty places such as basement or loft;
  • Droppings: noticing droppings is most certain when you have a rodent infestation.
  • Urine smell: it’s very strong and you won’t mistake it. The little menaces urinate very often so urine puddles can be noticed along with the droppings. 
  • Teeth marks: you might find chewed things such as cables or other rubbery things. 
  • Scratching noises: probably wall scratching will be among the first signs you will notice. They also make other noises like clatter in the lofts or squeaking. 

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What to Do If You See Signs of Rats or Mice

So, after your first noticed sign you may be wondering what to do now? Here are our recommendations on what to do:

  • Don’t panic: if you realise a mouse or a rat entered your home probably the first thing is to start panicking. It won’t help you at all. Instead, stay calm and move on.
  • Inspect: the next step is to find where they come from. Look all over your property. Most common places are loft, basement, bathroom or kitchen. Check every kitchen cabinet, closet, corner, wall cavities etc.
  • Place traps: after you’ve found the entrances rodents go through, place traps with baits.
  • Close entry points: after you ensure the mice or rats are not in your home but somewhere hidden, block all entry points such as wall crack, holes, windows, doors. 
  • Call a professional: if nothing else helps and rodents still occupy your property, we highly recommend you to book a professional rodent control. They will inspect your property and find other hiding places that you’ve probably missed. The experts will execute the most effective treatment against mice and rats so that they will be gone for a long time. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are probably the second-worst pests after rodents that can infest your home. They are really tiny and usually, you can barely spot them before the first bite. They are bloodthirsty creatures that are very hard to get rid of. 


Most common signs that bed bugs leave behind are:

  • Blood: bed bugs eject the blood they’ve consumed. So, you might spot blood stains on your mattress or other furniture such as your sofa. 
  • Faecal dirt: bed bugs leave black stains which are their excrements. Usually, can be found on sheets, mattress or under the bed. 
  • Eggs: when bed bugs reproduce they leave eggshells around the infested areas. 
  • Bites: probably waking up covered with itchy pimples is the first sign you will evident as you will start looking for the bites’ source.  
  • Bed bugs: you’ve found the bugs themselves. 

What to Do If You See Signs of Bed Bugs

So, after you determined that you have bed bugs infestation, it’s time to take action: 

  • Don’t throw your mattress or other furniture: the first thing you may instinctively  do is to get rid of the mattress immediately. Never do that as it spreads the infestation instead of the opposite. 
  • Don’t sleep in another room: bed bugs can sense you even if you don’t stay in the infested room. So, changing it won’t help, but instead they will follow you. 
  • Wash sheets, linen, clothes: take all clothes or sheets, mattress cover and put them in a plastic bag in order to eliminate any bed bugs or eggs. Then wash them and use at least 60°C of temperature.
  • Hire a professional bed bug control service: bed bugs are a big deal and dealing with them on yourself is mission impossible. Even the regular chemical treatment sometimes doesn’t bring the best results and a bug or two will survive. We recommend heat treatment against bed bugs. It gives 100% effective results. It uses a special machine that heats the infested room up to 56°C which eliminates the adults and their eggs instantly.


Those nasty dirty crawling insects can be a big pain in the neck. They are the ones that can survive any war, even a nuclear one. But how to spot them?


  • Droppings: they look like a very small blackish rice grain. Mostly, can be spotted when in clusters rather than two-three of them. 
  • Cockroach eggs: another obvious sign are the eggs. Cockroaches lay up to 40-50 eggs which are brown and oval-shaped. So, don’t be surprised if you open your kitchen cabinet door and find some dirt in there. It’s not what you think. Read more about cockroach eggs.
  • Musty smell: cockroaches leave unpleasant odours that won’t go unnoticed for you.

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What to Do If You See Signs of Cockroaches

What are the first things you have to do after you are aware of a cockroach presence in your house?

  • Make sure to locate their hiding places. 
  • Clean the kitchen thoroughly including floors, countertops, table, inside the kitchen cabinets. This doesn’t mean not to maintain high hygiene in your whole house.
  • Place traps, baits, spraying products with residual effect or other chemical products. Natural treatments are very insufficient but you can try DE or Borax
  • Contact a professional cockroach exterminator: expert cockroach control is the most certain way to remove the nasty vermins.

Wasps nest

The stinging insects build their nests close to the garden where all the flowers and vegetation is.


The clearest sign is a wasp buzzing around your garden. Yes, during spring/summer wasps are very common but many wasps might be a signal of a nest nearby.

What to Do If You See Signs of Wasps Nest

If you have doubts that a wasp nest is close to your house and garden read the advice on what to do and what not to do.

  • Follow the trace of the wasps: they will lead you to their nest.
  • Don’t tempt to poke or break down the nest: you’d rather get into trouble as you will irritate the wasps and they will attack you.
  • Call a professional wasp nest treatment: after you located the nest call for expert help. The exterminators will safely treat the wasps nest that the insects eventually will leave and won’t turn back.
  • Remove the nest: after you are assured the nest is empty, you can get rid of it so that the wasps won’t come back eventually. If you weren’t able to determine the nest’s location, the exterminator will inspect every corner for you. 

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The almost invisible, jumping bugs are as bad as bed bugs are. They can make you crazy by biting every inch of your body.


Mostly flea infestations signs can be noticed if you are a cat or a dog owner. 

  • Excessive scratching: yes, pets scratch from time to time like us, but if you detect them doing it more often that usually, it’s probably a flea biting or crawling on their skin. 
  • White or black flecks: the white ones are flea eggs and the black-brownish pellets are their droppings.
  • Loss of fur: your beloved furry friend might seem very fur lost recently. 
  • Bites: bites are the most frequent sign. Usually, fleas will bite you around the ankles. Fleas will bite your pets around the neck, ears, back, abdomen. 

What to Do If You See Signs of Fleas

  • Check your pet for fleas: if you spot them on the pet’s skin go to the vet immediately for an adequate treatment.
  • Take their bedding and every cloth that might be infested, wash them on high temperature. 
  • Clean the whole house especially areas where the pet is spending its time.
  • Book a professional flea control service: fleas are tiny, annoying bloodsuckers, that spread very fast. If not controlled on time, they might conquer the whole property. Then, the riddance will be extremely hard. The experts will exterminate them using special commercial products on every infested area. The insecticides are so powerful that not only adults but their eggs will be eliminated as well.

What to do if you detect signs of pests in your commercial building

After we outlined the most common signs and what are the first few things to do after you spotted them, it’s time to check what a business owner has to do if they are detected. If you are a business owner, you have to follow many rules especially those of you with food businesses. 
Here are the steps to follow to make sure nobody’s health is threatened and to get rid of the pests immediately:

  • Close the business: the first thing you need to do is to stop working for a while until the infestation is totally gone.
  • Hire a professional pest control exterminator: we highly recommend not to try dealing with any type of pest on your own. Using dangerous pesticides without the proper knowledge around food premises is not only hazardous but also forbidden. Commercial buildings have to be properly treated against pests by a professional who is certified to do that, has the appropriate tools and equipment and of course the right experience. You will also be provided with very useful advice on how to prevent future pests infestations so that next time you won’t be unprepared for surprises.
  • Maintain every corner of the commercial building clean and tidy: thoroughly clean and sanitise no matter the type of business you own. Disinfect all floors, cabinets, tables, furniture etc. from that may be contaminated by the pests. Clean every dropping, dead corpses, eggs or other leftovers from the pests.
  • Seal every entry point you suspect can be used as an entrance. Use a gnaw resistant material. Also block doors and windows as a possible entry point by installing nets and screens. Always, close doors behind you, as rodents can sneak in.
  • Keep the toilet closed and fix any leakage that can be used as a water source.
  • Keep food away, packed in containers and inaccessible to the annoying rodents and insects. Furthermore, don’t forget to dispose of food that pests might have been reached and contaminated. 


In conclusion, some pests can be spotted early before the infestations excess, others cannot. Anyway, no matter how late you notice any sign you have not to wait to become late but to take action. Most of the cases need professional help that you shouldn’t doubt to ask for as you might pose the health of the whole family or customers to dangerous diseases or the property becomes a victim of structural damages. 

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