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Bassetlaw Pest Controllers Will Exterminate the Vermin

Living with pests is not only unsettling, but also dangerous as they can bring diseases into your property or severely damage it. With specialised pesticides and modern equipment, the local teams will treat and protect your home or business from a wide variety of pests. Choosing the exterminators in Bassetlaw is a sure way to get a pest-free property.

A technician observing the results from the mice treatment.

The exterminator will come to inspect the property first in order to find out what the problem is and how big is the infestation. After assessing the situation, he will move onto the next step by applying a suitable treatment.

Technician puts mice bait in a box.

Depending on the pest species, the exterminators will be equipped with either insecticides, pesticides (sprays and powders) or other forms of pest control to deliver a complete and effective treatment of any property.

Inspection before heat treatment

You can schedule up to two additional visits free of charge (valid for up to three months after the treatment) if you have booked a guaranteed service. This means that the professional can come back to evaluate the effect of the treatment and to decide if there is a need for a second treatment.

Pest technician performs mice-proofing.

You will be given professional advice from your exterminator on how to proof your home and prevent a future pest from settling in.

Flying Cockroach!

I cannot say how thankful I am for the work I got from Fantastic Pest Control in Bassetlaw! In the middle of the night, I woke up for some water and saw flying cockroach! I was terrified and called for emergency pest control. The guys came and inspected the flat and found roaches. They treated and so far there have been no signs. AMAZING SERVICE!

Jacqueline Martin

Hire Exterminators to Eliminate Pests in Bassetlaw and Nearby Areas

As a customer-oriented company, we have made sure that we serve many areas and help people everywhere with pests and the problems that come with them. The Bassetlaw exterminators also work in:

- Newark and Sherwood;
- Mansfield,
- Bolsover;
- West Lindsey.

Note: urgent appointments are available in all areas.

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