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Pest Control in York

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The first step of our pest-management process involves a thorough inspection of the affected areas. The pest controller will check all visible signs of the infestation, such as stains, structural damages and bodily sheddings. This will help the specialist identify the type of pest, determine the scope of the issue and decide subsequently on the best method to neutralise the problem.
From using powerful but safety-tested rodenticidal and insecticidal products, as well as pest-proofing techniques to employing humane vermin-repellent methods against birds and squirrels, the local pest controller will effectively treat your property against the unwanted intruders.
We encourage our customers to carefully monitor their property after the initial treatment and call us as soon as they notice any evidence of residual pest activity. Note that you will be eligible for up to two free visits and repeat treatments, if necessary, within an observation period of three months if you purchase one of our guaranteed services.
At the end of the service, the pest control specialist will advise you on how to protect your home or business against future vermin infestations. Don’t hesitate to seek his pest proofing advice and prevention tips that can help you keep your property safe against undesirable intrusions.

How Can We Help?

  • Mice control

    Mice and rats are a common problem for homes and businesses. And often, a wide-spread rodent infestation cannot be managed and put under control without professional help. Hence, entrust the task to your Fantastic local service provider to ensure that the vermin is eradicated for good. He will employ the most effective rodenticidal techniques and products, as well as proof your property by sealing all likely points of entry.

  • Cockroach Control

    The survival instinct of roaches is well-known and once they settle into your home or commercial facility, you’ll be looking at a never-ending battle to get rid of them. So, leave the job to an experienced exterminator who knows the process of dealing with cockroach control issues inside out. The same goes for any other common insect control situations. The specialist has the expertise to eliminate bed bugs, ants, dust mites, fleas and spiders from your property with outstanding results.

  • Bird removal

    We also specialise in professional bird-deterrent techniques, designed to keep colonies of pesky pigeons and sparrows, as well as nuisance seagulls at bay. Your local pest control service provider will carefully inspect the extent of the problem and will apply industry-set bird removal methods to protect you from the birds’ damaging activities. Nets, spikes and gels are just some of the devices he may use to ensure that the flying creatures lose interest of roosting on/or near your property.

  • Commercial pest services

    If you own or manage a business facility that has been infested with health-hazardous vermin, rest assured that Fantastic Pest Control in York is fully equipped to assist you. From offering regular rat control and insect control solutions to applying a range of effective wasp removal and anti-pigeon methods, we can help you maintain your commercial property vermin-free for good. We also provide professional sanitation services, which will eliminate the last sign of pest activity, in order to ensure that your facility is clean, healthy and free of any pathogens and germs.

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