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Pest Control in Swindon

  • Efficient pest control methods with minimum disturbance to your daily routine
  • Certified expert who can treat various domestic and business environments
  • Same-day, after-working-hours, weekend and emergency service availability
  • Products approved by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health committee

Your local Swindon pest technician willS.T.O.P. the pests today!

On the initial visit, the pest control team will carefully look into the problem you have. Establishing the pest you are dealing with and any potential reasons, why your property is infested.
Based on his findings, the pest controller will suggest the most suitable pest treatment in your circumstances and will proceed with its application. This may involve the use of repellents or pesticides.
In many cases follow up visits are mandatory in order to monitor the results of the initial treatment. On those visits, the exterminator can collect dead rodents, re-apply baits or re-spray areas where insects are prominent.
Whether you have booked a rat control, insect control, wasp removal or bird control service, you'll be provided with a service report by the pest technician. He will let you know of any safety and warranty-related information you need to be aware of.

Facing Rodents or Other Rascals in Swindon? Consider Them Gone

Pests are essentially all animals that have found a way to invade a human-owned residence in search of food and shelter. Your local pest exterminator is standing by to help you by utilising a wide arsenal of approved  products, his work experience of nearly a decade, and all necessary certifications for treating both commercial and domestic premises.

We also offer flexible schedules for even the busiest of our clients: workday and weekend appointments, same-day visits, or emergency bookings performed within a few hours. And if you are worried that your neighbours or clients could find out about your small problem, your expert can also stay low-key upon request by arriving with an unbranded vehicle.

Local Pro

Get to Know Roger Stone – Your Local Certified Professional

Despite the overcrowded pest control market, Roger has carved a name for himself by delivering services of consistently high quality in a safe and timely manner.

That is why he now works as a franchisee for Fantastic Pest Control, where he is tasked with training several other exterminators in the area. Punctual, diligent, and hardworking, Roger is your go-to specialist when you need to deal with rodent, insect, squirrel, and bird infestations of any calibre and on any type of property.

Roger makes sure that our services are of high standard in districts such as Cornwall, Plymouth, East Devon and West Dorset.

We Can Help You Deal with Any Pest. Here Is What We Offer

  • Mice and Rodent Control

    The specialist will carry out this method by using sealants, wire wool, and expanding foam to block holes in walls and other rodent-made entrances. He can also set up traps and load them with bait if the expert deems the pest population to be too high. 

  • Wasp Treatments and More

    Wasp hives, whether within or outside of your property, will be dealt with from a safe distance by using a special extendable pole. The pest exterminator will use this handy tool to neutralise and kill the wasps by injecting a potent paralysing powder through the hive entrance.

    He will then remove and dispose of the now harmless hive, provided it’s within reach. Other bugs we treat against include: ants, spiders, woodworms, silverfish, fleas, flies, bed bugs, carpet beetles, and more.

  • Squirrel and Bird Solutions

    The local expert will get to your property fast and fully-equipped to deal with squirrels or birds around your property. To deal with squirrels, he will bring several traps, place baits inside, and ask you to check on them at least once every 12 hours.

    When all animals are caught, he will safely dispose of them according to the law. Birds, on the other hand, will be kept at a distance by using spikes, nets and fire gels.

  • Commercial Services

    Whether you run a tech store or a hotel, we always have a solution for you. Some of our services, for example, include fogging. The first service is great for preventing potential an infestation, while the second one can be booked after your main treatment in order to clean and disinfect all areas that came into contact with the invaders.

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Swindon Borough Council

Provides a wide range of pest control services

Has no legal duty to treat infestations of pests

Complete care: inspection + treatment + prevention

Does not provide treatment

Swindon Is Just the Start. See What Other Areas We Cover Below

In addition to Swindon, your local pest exterminator has expanded his reach to also include:

But this increase of quantity will in no way affect the quality. In fact, you can still order an emergency service even if your home or business is located in any of the areas above! The professional will then arrive in a few hours time to inspect, treat, and proof your property against future invasions.

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