Pest Control Services Swindon

  • Pest control treatments available on weekends
  • Certified pest exterminators near you
  • Same-day and emergency pest control service available
  • 3 months guarantee on pest services

Swindon Pest Control Technicians

The type and severity of an infestation are determined by pest exterminators. In every Swindon pest control treatment, the property is thoroughly inspected.
There are different types of pests that require different treatment methods. Our exterminators will ensure that all pests are completely eradicated.
As part of our pest control service in Swindon we offer up to three follow-up visits within the first three months following the date of treatment.
As part of our comprehensive pest management plan, we also provide advice on how to prevent future rodent and insect infestations.

Pest Control & Prevention Services Swindon

  • Mice and rat control

    The rodent exterminator will carry out this method by using sealants, wire wool, and expanding foam to block holes in walls and other rodent-made entrances. The pest technician will also set up traps to control the population inside the property.

  • Commercial pest control

    Whether you run a restaurant or a hotel, we always have a pest solution for you. Some of our services, for example, include fogging. The first service is great for preventing potential infestation, while the second one can be booked after your main treatment in order to clean and disinfect all areas that came into contact with the invaders.

  • Wasp nest removal Swindon

    Wasp nests, whether within or outside of your property, will be dealt with from a safe distance by using a special extendable pole. The wasp exterminator will use this handy tool to neutralise and kill the wasps by injecting a potent paralysing powder through the nest entrance.


  • Bed bug treatment Swindon

    A bed bug infestation should be addressed immediately due to the speed at which they spread. There is no doubt that a professional bed bug exterminator will be able to get rid of bed bugs quickly and effectively. 

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