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Pest Control in South Derbyshire

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How We Treat Your Home or Business

  • Rats + Mice

    These pests can infest any place. They don't care if it is your home, your apartment building, your office, or your pub. They can be carriers of a number of diseases and can even cause damage to the property. By calling Fantastic Pest Control, you can put an end to your rats or mice infestation with efficient baits, traps, and proofing materials.

  • Cockroaches

    This type of pest is usually more active at night, but if you see some walking around during the day, then the infestation is probably big. You will need a team of expert exterminators to efficiently deal with the roaches. The local technicians, who operate in South Derbyshire, have all the equipment and insecticides necessary for a quick and efficient treatment.

  • Birds

    Fantastic Pest Control is offering you a reliable birds control service as birds too can carry a number of diseases, plus they can be a great nuisance. The pest controllers do not harm the birds, but simply install special repellents to keep them away. We use fire gels, spikes and nets to keep them away.

  • Fogging

    Fogging is the service that we recommend to business owners who want to prevent insects in nearby infested buildings from moving into their properties. The service is performed with a special ULV fogging machine, which will repel and deal with bugs that dare enter inside.

South Derbyshire is Not the Only Area We Work In

You can book an emergency pest control treatment in nearby regions as well. Vetted local technicians will arrive on site to inspect and treat the premises. The technicians, who operate in South Derbyshire, can also treat properties in:

- Erewash

- Derbyshire Dales

- Derby

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