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Pest Control in Shepway

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Before the treatment, the local pest control team will evaluate your vermin situation. The inspection will help determine the scope of the issue so that the best treatment could be selected.
Depending on the pest, the local pest technician will employ a suitable, industry-standard rodent or insect control method, which may include the use of official UK supplier approved baits, gels or insecticidal sprays and powders.
To ensure the infestation has been completely eliminated you will need to follow the instructions of the pro. For best results, we recommend our 3-months guaranteed service, which comes with two extra visits, free of charge.
The experienced pest control technician will advise you on how to protect your property against future pest problems. You will also receive professional pest-proofing advice and a pest treatment report, which specifies important service details.

More about our services

  • Cockroach Control

    Most of the customers call them "the crawling horrors" and this is true because if you don't know how to handle a cockroach infestation, things can go completely out of control. The local cockroach expert will use a special bait gel that the roaches will eat from and perish. A fogging service is another option to eliminate the insects immediately, along with their eggs.

  • Spider Control

    The procedure of treating spiders starts with a survey when the exterminator will visit and check the property. Then he will decide what type of treatment will be the most effective and will execute the service. The expert comes with top-notch equipment and powerful insecticides that guarantee up to 100% eradication.

  • Bird Control

    We specialize in applying bird deterring techniques, which will effectively keep feathery intruders away from your property. So, whether you have seagulls pestering you for food or nuisance pigeons damaging your roof, you can get reliable help by hiring a local pest management technician with us. Learn more about the service: Bird control

  • Bed Bugs

    These tiny little creatures can be detected really hard, as they hide in small cracks, usually somewhere in your bed or the furniture on your property. Once you find a sign of an infestation, you should consider professional treatment. They can be harmful to your well-being due to the fact that they can cause serious skin rashes and allergies.

Efficient Pest Extermination and Protection in Shepway and Other Areas

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