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A pest exterminator determines the type of pest and the severity of an infestation by inspecting the area. Every Plymouth pest control treatment begins with an inspection of the property.
Different types of pests require different treatments. Traps and baits can be used to control rats and mice, while insect control products, such as sprays, can eliminate insect infestations.
You will receive a free property inspection as well as additional treatments twice in a three-month period. Our pest control services in Plymouth will eliminate pests completely.
You will be given instructions on how to prevent recurrences of infestations and prevent rodents and insects from entering your home in the future as part of any pest control service.

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  • Rodent control Plymouth

    Mice, rat and squirrel control services can be scheduled on weekends and bank holidays.  Squirrels are humanely caught and relocated back to Nature, whereas rats and mice are treated with rodenticides. In all cases, your local pest exterminator will take all the necessary deterrent measures to prevent rodents

  • Insect control

    Fantastic Pest Control in Plymouth specialises in applying various anti-vermin treatments that are effective against different flying, crawling and wood-boring insects. The exterminator will spray or dust the affected areas, use special vacuuming devices, or apply gel baits. We treat successfully bed bugs, ants, fleas, cockroaches and beetle infestations.

  • Wasp nest removal Plymouth

    If a wasp nest is endangering your family, staff, or clients, leave the removal task to a trained wasp exterminator. The pest technician in your area will arrive with all the protective gear and bring an effective insecticidal product. Spraying the solution will have a long-lasting effect on the nest of wasps after the colony of stingers is located.

  • Commercial pest control

    There is no exception when it comes to commercial properties, and they can be infested with pests as well. You can book a reliable treatment for your business in Plymouth in a matter of a few minutes with Fantastic Pest Control.

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