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Pest Control in North Dorset

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  • Regular inspections & treatments can be arranged

In the grand tradition of British pest control practices, your technician will carefully inspect your property in order to fully understand the situation. He will be able to ascertain the types of pests that are present as well as just how much the infestation has spread. After this, he will know exactly what measures to take in order to eliminate your unwelcome guests.

You should know that every pest is treated differently. However, the pest exterminator comes fully equipped and he is ready to tackle any type of rodent or insect. For example, if your property is affected by bed bugs, then the specialist will fumigate the affected rooms. However, about a week later, a second treatment with a different anti-pest product must take place because some of the adult bed bugs will be able to develop a resistance against the first product that was used against them.

If your property is under higher risk of re-infestation from the same type of pest, then we strongly recommend for you to purchase one of our guaranteed service packages. Basically, this grants you free follow-up visits from your local pest controller who can return to inspect the property again and repeat the treatment if needed. To learn more about this options, give us a call or visit our prices page.

Please keep in mind that the effects of the treatment will expire in the future and your property might be under risk of infestation once again. You can consult with the pest technician regarding what measures you can take to protect your home or workplace from the resurgence.




Fantastic Pest Controller in the areas near North Dorset

Our brand is expanding. And we are doing everything we can to provide reliable and highly effective treatments for more and more areas. Here you can take a look at some of the places near North Dorset that we cover:

- South Somerset;
- Wiltshire;
- East Devon;
- Mid Devon;
- Torridge.

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