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Pest Control in Hull

  • Expert post-service proofing and prevention advice
  • Human- and pet-friendly pesticides and insecticides
  • Guaranteed treatments
  • Battling the pests even if you are not present on site

Your local Hull pest control expert will S.T.O.P. your pest problems today!

In order for any treatment to take place, the first thing the pest controller will do is to carefully inspect the property. This inspection will help to determine the state of the infestation and probably how it started.
Once the pest controller has a good idea of just how severe the infestation is, the exterminator will be able to choose the best and most effective way of treating the pest.
You can schedule up to two additional visits free of charge within three months after the treatment. This means that the professional can come back to evaluate the effect of the treatment and decide if there is a need for additional measures. This option comes with guaranteed service only!
Don't hesitate to request pest proofing advice from your local pest technician while on site. He will readily inform you of the most effective pest prevention methods and all the details you need to look for, so your home or business remains protected against the vermin.

Get Every Pest Control Service You Need from One Provider

  • Rodent Treatments

    To perform this service, the specialist will carry a wide assortment of proofing materials, such as wire wool, expanding foam and sealants to prevent the critters from coming back inside. An advanced form of mice and rat control is via traps and poisonous bait, which will only be used for larger rodent populations. Of course, the traps will be inaccessible to your pets or children.

  • Bed Bug Removal

    These creatures can easily adapt to any domestic environment and are thus very difficult to evict. Unlike most services here, this treatment is usually done in two visits and with two different spray insecticides to ensure that the bugs won’t have the time to adapt to the treatment. The expert can also help you with wasp removal, cockroach extermination, and more.

  • Squirrel Control

    As cute as they may seem, squirrels can dish out an incredible amount of damage to any property in no time at all. When the pest technician arrives, he will lay several traps inside the infested area (usually the attic) and will kindly ask you to check the cages every 10 to 12 hours for activity. When all animals are trapped, he will arrive to safely remove them far away from your premises and those of other owners.

  • Other Services

    If you are running a local business and especially one that is related to food, you can take advantage of our commercial pest solutions as well. Some of these include professional fogging, disinfection of all recently infested areas following treatment, and other services.

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That’s right – you can receive your treatment even in the dead of night in just a matter of hours, thanks to the expert’s quick response times and flexible schedule. In fact, you can benefit from our entire service range even if you are located outside of Hull! 

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