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Pest Control in Hertsmere

  • Expert pest removal using the latest industry equipment
  • Insured exterminator in your area
  • Working with child- and pet-safe products
  • Treatments with a 3-month guarantee

Pest technician inspects for bees and waspsAll pest treatments in the Hertsmere area start with a detailed property survey. To rid you of the pest, your exterminator must first know where its hiding grounds are and what is the scope of the problem.

Treatment for wasps and beesOur pest control procedures come in different packages to fit your needs. You can book an emergency procedure or schedule one of our guaranteed options. If you are not sure which service is for you, worry not as your pest expert will evaluate your particular situation and will advise you on the best course of action.

Van for bees and wasp controlIf you've chosen one of our guaranteed pest control services, your exterminator will return a couple of days after the initial procedure and will check on the situation. He will conduct additional treatments if need be and will advise you on how to avoid further pest problems.

Local wasp nest removalUpon request and for a small additional charge, your pest expert can install rodent-proofing additions to your property. He will reinforce all vulnerable areas, such as doors and vents, which are the most common vermin entryways, and will minimise the chance of a re-infestation.

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