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London Pest Infestation in 2016: Industry Statistics, Analysis and Trends

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Stop the Woodworm Infestation in Your Furniture

How to Get Rid of Woodworm in the Furniture

Although more rare than cockroaches or rodents, woodworms are amongst the most destructive household pests.

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Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Quickly and For Good?

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home Fast

Bed bugs were a part of the scenery in Victorian Britain, but by the 1980s were almost extinct. Unfortunately, they are now making a bit of a comeback and you could find them in a mattress near you.…

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Keep Rats Out of Your Garage

how to keep rats out of the garage

Rats are not the cheeky pests they are made out to be. They can be cautious, timid and sometimes won’t even take the risk of going into your house.…

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How to Keep Mice Out of the Car Engine Compartment

how to keep mice out of the car engine compartment

Why do mice go in the engine bay? Other than, of course, to make our lives miserable. It’s true that it’s simply the result of their natural search for shelter and food, which our vehicles offered by the pound.…

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