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how to choose a pest control company

How Do You Choose a Reliable Pest Control Company?

Pest control takes training and skill. While most people run in the opposite direction of bugs, professional pest exterminators charge into crawlspaces and attics in search of the little critters. Read More
Rat in the garden

How to Get Rid of Rats in the Garden Without Poison?

Rats can cause huge nuisance in your garden. Using organic methods and natural resources can save you from the pests and not harm your plantations. Read More
Macro image of rats on the edge of a table

How to Keep Rats Away from Your Garden?

Rats are one of the difficult pests to deal with and they can quickly evolve beyond a nuisance for your home and turn into a health hazard. Sometimes, however, they don’t target your actual house, but your outdoor space. Read More
how to get rid of stink bugs

How to Guard Your Home Against Stink Bugs?

With autumn upon us, many people have begun preparing themselves and their homes for winter. But it is not only humans that are in preparation mode, a lot of insects are also looking for somewhere warm and dry to live until the winter months pass. Read More
professional pest control

Dispose of a Dead Rat in a Safe Manner

This may be an unpleasant and gruesome topic but at some point in our lives, a lot of us will be faced with the dilemma of what to do with a dead animal. It may be a squirrel or a bird in your garden, or a beloved family pet, or even a pest that has& ... Read More

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