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how do you remove bees from your house

How to Keep Bees Away from Your Home?

You know that spring and summer are in full swing when you start noticing bees buzzing around the garden. From producing honey to pollinating plants, our little, stripy friends are quite happy going about their business without antagonising us. Read More
horsefly bloodsucking vampire how to deal with it

How to Get Rid of Horseflies Around the Swimming Pool

So, you’ve built a pool just in time for summer. But when you try to use it, you are assaulted by large, biting, seemingly indestructible flies. Read More
dust mites

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your Home

We share our lives and homes with millions of microscopic organisms. Some benefit us by eating other nasty things, some do their own thing and leave us alone, and some can be detrimental to our health. Read More
How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Stop the Woodworm Infestation in Your Furniture

Image by: allispossible.org.uk / License: BY 2.0 Although more rare than cockroaches or rodents, woodworms are amongst the most destructive household pests. Read More
Rat sitting on tires in a garage

Keep Rats Out of Your Garage

  Rats are not the cheeky pests they are made out to be. They can be cautious, timid and sometimes won’t even take the risk of going into your house. Read More

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