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Flying ant on a leaf macro image

All You Need to Know About Flying Ants

Every summer, millions of flying ants swarm around the UK. This is a fascinating phenomenon that occurs when young queens leave the nest to start their colonies. Flying ants are simply the common ants we know but just… with wings. They’re ... Read More
what bugs come out at spring

What Bugs Come Out in Spring and How to Avoid Them?

Last update: 20.01.2020 As spring brings the warm weather we’ve all been craving for after months of frost, bugs also happen to come out of their hiding spots. Read More
House during winter

Where Do Insects Go in the Winter Time?

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash Winter is the time of the year when we wait impatiently because bugs disappear. But how true is this statement? Sure, there are no mosquitoes or fly swarms outside, but have you noticed that there seem to be more pests ... Read More
ant on the ground

Queen Ants: What You Want to Know

You probably have heard about queen bees (no, not Beyonce) and queen wasps. But have you heard of queen ants? Ants live in colonies, and every member has a role in the community. If your home or yard is attacked by ants, and you see one bigger than t ... Read More
Extraordinary ant species

21 Ant Species With Real Superpowers

We live in an age where the concept of superpowers has rapidly evolved from underground stacks of nerdy comics to an entire subculture that fills cinemas in the blink of an eye. But wouldn’t it be neat if lightning-fast reflexes or inhuman strength ... Read More

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