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I must thank you a thousand times for saving the house from the rats. Our daughter is terrified of the noises they make and cries if she sees one. She's five years old and we had to make sure they were gone for good. We could not thank you enough, Fantastic Pest Control. The job was carried out yesterday and we hadn't heard any rats noises. Thank you so much.

Lola Law

Thanks to Fantastic Pest Control we no longer have rats passing through the house. We have a toddler and it is very dangerous to have her walking around and touching everything when there are pests in the house. We booked a treatment and sanitation for the entire house. Many thanks to the people who did the job. We are pleased and we give you five stars.

Louise West

I'm very flattered by the personal attention that I was given. They seem to care about their customers greatly. After the second treatment for bed bugs was done I got a call the very next day. They wanted to know if everything was ok. Of course, it was, the guys were very thorough when they sprayed the house and explained to me what to do and what to pay attention to when I travel. Superb customer care. I strongly recommend Fantastic Pest Control.

Jessica Parkinson

Quick and reliable service. Everything happened quickly and easily. I called and booked a treatment for three days later. They arrived, they sprayed, I paid and they left. A girl called me the next day to ask if I was pleased with the job. And I was. Everything stills seem fine. Thank you for the job and for the nice attitude.

Eleanor Briggs

I booked with your company a service to treat my house for ants and I found the exterminators to be very skilled at what they do. I didn't know there were so many things you could do to prevent an ants infestation. They told me a couple of things I should do and I definitely will. I'm very pleased with your company and will try to recommend it to people when they ask about a reliable pest control agency,

Isabelle Rice

Amazing service! Thank you guys for being so helpful. Your technicians are professional and seemed experienced and hard working. The two guys who showed up to do the mice control service were fantastic. Thanks to them mice no longer run through my flat.

Louise Dobson

I live in Hertsmere and I wanted to thank your local technicians here. They came to inspect the house for silverfish and found a pretty severe infestation in the attic. I was lucky enough that the guys were free and could take care of the problem right away. Thank you for the quick response and for the help. Your technicians were friendly and did a fantastic job.

Danielle Sykes

I got a prompt service and I chose your company instead of one other that I enquired for a quote, because yours seemed way more professional. Now that the pest treatment is over I want to thank you again for actually carrying out the job.

Francesca Powell

I must say you are the third company for pest treatments I use and your team gave me the most satisfactory and long-lasting results. Usually, it takes no more than a week for cockroaches to start showing up again in my house and now that your teams treated the house three weeks ago I still haven't seen even one. Thank you and I hope it remains clean forever.

Megan Eden

You guys sorted out our mice problem. We rent out three apartments in Rochford and there were complaints of mice in two of them. We booked inspections for both and then treatments. Your employees were fantastic.

Kiera Hurst

I don't know what pesticides you use but I see the effect and I don't care. The most important thing to me is that I got an adequate service and that the results are still lasting. Top service!

Harry Phillips

I've been a regular customer of your company for two years now. I manage an office of 30 people and I've booked regular pest inspection with your company. We are content with the quality of the service and the prices. Keep up the great work. It's a pleasure working with you.

Alexandra Alexander

The infestation was taken care of rather quickly, I would say. I had the entire day off because I thought it would take the exterminators a day to get the house treated but the team was well equipped and did it in under four hours. Many thanks, very professional and affordable service. I'd recommend it.

Shawn Murphy

For the longest time, I didn't want to book a professional service to get rid of the ants because I thought I can deal with them on my own. It turned out I was wrong. I called and booked a pest control service and I was happy that the price was not too expensive for me. Now I live in a pest -free house thanks to you.

Lexie Caileigh

The Braintree pest experts were here yesterday and treated the house for silverfish which I had been seeing non-stop for over three months. It turned out there was an active infestation but your team took care of it in no time.

Scarlett Simmons

If I could give you 10 stars I would. The highest rating for Fantastic Pest Control! I had a severe problem with cockroaches which your Waveney exterminators took care of. They came two times to treat the house and now the house is clean. It had gotten pretty bad in the entire neighbourhood. Thank you for the help and professional attitude.

Aaron Hernandez

Thank you guys for being available in Great Yarmouth. The technicians who came to install spikes on the roof to keep the birds away were very savvy and diligent. They didn't stop every 15 min for a break. They worked the entire time they were at the house. Super professional and reliable. Thanks again.

Barbara Miller

Amazing service, I called on Monday and the team was at my doorstep by Monday afternoon. We had a pretty nasty bed bug infestation and the guys stayed more than the estimated time to treat the house properly. I repeat -- amazing service!

Kaylyn Gwyneth

I'm so happy that you are offering emergency pest services in Brentwood! I woke up in the middle of the night and only then we realised that we had bed bugs. We panicked and started calling the council and professional companies. You are the only ones who came to the rescue! You're the best!

Kassy Modesty

After trying for months to get rid of mice on our own we finally caved in and called professional exterminators. The entire process took about two weeks, including the dead animals removal, and now I wonder why I wasted so much time and didn't call you sooner. Thanks, fantastic guys for the fantastic help!

Cerys Gill

I had a good experience with your company. I called last week with some questions, the girl on the phone helped me a lot. She was very knowledgeable and gave me some advice. I booked a service and then she even called to ask if the job had gone well. It did and I was in awe when she called to check up on me. Very nice people! I will give you 5 stars.

Frances Robinson

I called about a problem with rats and thankfully the company has flexible work hours and were able to arrive the very next day to inspect the house. Two men came to look through the house and found a small infestation and the rats' nest. They quoted me and I booked a treatment for the next day. A team of exterminators arrived and took three hours to go around the house seal holes, put baits and traps. I am expecting the team to arrive and collect the rats in a couple of days. Thank you for the perfect and reliable service.

Wanda Barnes

I'd give your Chelmsford exterminators five stars for the superior work. They called to say that they would be late half an hour because of traffic, they came and got to work and in only three hours the job was done and we were saying 'Goodbye'.

Abby Shaw

Strongly recommend your company. I live in Maldon and when I called for a pigeon control the guys arrived the next day. Everything happened quickly and I love that.

Carol Baker

Our cafe in Castle Point had a minor issue with cockroaches but I fellow cafe owner recommended your company and I booked right away. I wanted to thank you for being such good sports and for taking care of my business. Count me as a regular customer.

Judith Anderson

Thanks to your fantastic exterminators in Fenland our house is now no longer infested with mice. We had had them probably for years before we realised what was going on. Thankfully companies like yours exist. I give you five stars.

Lois Brooks

Great service, indeed. I called and they answered immediately. An employee helped me pick a time and date for an inspection of the house. The day came, the team was right on time and took their time to thoroughly check the house. There was a nest of cockroaches and I booked a treatment. The men took care of the nest right away and laid some cockroach baits and traps. Hopefully, the problem will be solved now. Thanks for the fantastic service.

Jane Kelly

I'm sorry I don't remember the names of the Watford team who were amazing and very hard working on Monday when they arrived to treat my house for cockroaches. Some neighbours complained about the same problem and I recommended them your services because I was very impressed with it. Great prices, timely service, and polite technicians who seemed very oriented as to what they have to do. I liked them very much.

Annie Thompson

I just moved to a new flat and the landlord specifically told me to deal with the cockroach infestation. He's paying and I'm looking for a reliable company. I'm happy that I found your company because now we are both happy. I no longer have cockroaches in the flat and he didn't have to pay a ton of money. Thank you guys, you are great. I'm definitely gonna be recommending your services to people.

Lynna Bobbie

Very competent employees, I must say. Working with your company was easy. I didn't have any problems with the technicians or the call centre, everyone was professional.

Jasmine Cartwright

Living in Broxbourne has its advantages and disadvantages. My street specifically often has issues with rats. I hate it and I am sick and tired of searching for reliable companies to get rid of them and of trying to deal with them on my own. Your company was recommended by a friend and yesterday I had the job done. The technicians who came to do the actual job were cool, they didn't take too long. I booked a second visit to make sure the rats are dealt with, and I will write again to say how it went.

Jennifer Davis

I own a small restaurant in Colchester and when the entire neighbourhood got infested with rats we called your company for help. We were happy with the results and now we have the property inspected every couple of months. Still very satisfied and happy to be working with you.

Jane Brooks

For years we haven't had any pest problems until last week. Mice started showing up again and I was quick to call your company and hire a team to take care of the issue. It turned out there were new holes in a few places in the house and the technicians sealed them all and put some traps. I am expecting them to arrive later this week to remove the dead animals and inspect the house again. I've used your services before and was happy then and I am happy now. Thank you for being helpful and a company I can count on.

Delilah Evelyn

Amazing service. A team of three technicians had to come to fumigate the entire first floor. They were very friendly and didn't waste our time and their time. They came, got to work and when it was finished, they gave us some pieces of advice and left. Very satisfied and would use your company again.

Debbie Wild

I liked the professional approach of the technicians who arrived for an emergency flea treatment. Everything happened very quickly and I could not be happier. Thanks for the professional service and most of all for the effective treatment.

Shannon Lee

The professional attitude of the exterminators is what caught my attention the most and impressed me. As a whole, the company looks attentive to their customers and have ok prices.

Amanda McIntosh

I only booked an inspection in our house in Basildon because we were worried and thought we had rats infestation but the surveyor really took his time to thoroughly inspect the house and the final conclusion was that it was clean. Thanks for the proper service.

Simon Duff, Basildon

I found your company to be very reliable. You are the second company I book for pest issues, the other company lied to me and never showed up and didn't answer the phone. Your guys arrived right on time, treated the entire house and then wanted me to pay. Which is how it should be done. So thank you for being reliable and effective. I give you the highest rating. Keep being fantastic!

Alastair Hewett

Very savvy technicians and courteous attitude. Thanks for helping me with the cockroach problem.

Emma Deaville

Surely I've used other professional services in my life but I have to admit that this is the only company that was interested in me after the job was done and called to inquire if I was pleased

Elyse Liv

Hey, I wish to thank the exterminators by name but I can't remember them for which I am sorry. They were great, detailed and took their time to make sure everything was done right. Many thanks!

Patti Glover

Hi, Fantastic people, I want to thank you first for treating our house for bed bugs. We have two toddlers and cannot afford to have any pests in the house. And second, I want to thank you for having great prices for the people on a budget.

Gabriel Potter

Not a bad service at all. I booked a discreet service and the guys helped by arriving in a van with no pest related stickers on it. I love that you are offering such a service, it is very helpful. The job went well, the team was great. Thank you for existing in Ipswich and for having practical prices.

Neil Moreton

I had a terrible night when I discovered that there are bed bugs in the flat that I renter recently. Since I have a contract and can't just move out, I had to deal with the pest infestation because my landlord doesn't want to. You were the first company that I found online and called right away. I am extremely thankful for your emergency service. Thank you for treating the flat and saving me from the bed bugs.

Mary Weaver

I decided to hire professionals instead of trying to deal with the roaches on my own and I turned out to be right. Upon arriving and inspecting the house the guys found a severe infestation. I'm glad I called you guys and didn't try on my own. Very happy with your company and the service over all. Super friendly guys and affordable prices.

Monique Zoie

I've tried the Tendring council pest control service a few years back and was not happy at all. I paid too much and they didn't give me lasting results. I tried your company two weeks ago and so far no rodents have passed through the house. I call the mission a success! Thank you!

Shane Caddick

I'll totally recommend your company in the future. I was satisfied with the attitude of the employees and the entire time we worked together everyone was professional and adequate in their advice and help.

Peter Sole

This is the third time we are using your company for pests. I don't know what it is but first, we had a major problem with cockroaches that we had to call two times for treatments. The guys did everything right and we hadn't had a problem with them for over a year now. And now it's the third time we used your services to help us get rid of pigeons. They were coming in great numbers to our garden and left their waste everywhere. We had a team on Monday to install spikes and for now, we are ok. Thank you very much for your help. You're always reliable and helpful.

Demi Hutchinson

I booked a service that was recommended to me by a friend who had a cockroach infestation a few months ago. I trusted her and called Fantastic Pest Control to book a treatment. They were great, indeed. I liked working with such friendly people. There was no waiting, no problems, everything was good. And most important of all - the exterminators took care of our house and we haven't seen a roach since. So thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Katherine Holloway

I can only speak from personal experience but I didn't have any problems with the people on the job. From the first phone call, I made to ask a few question up until the day after the treatment, everyone has been nothing but polite and professional. I'd use them again.

Phoebe Dennis

Even though no one in the house is allergic to wasps or bees, it's not a nice feeling, knowing that at any moment when you are in the garden you can get stung by a wasp. There's a nest near our garden and we have wasps around us constantly. A neighbour recommended your services and we called to book a treatment. We are greatly thankful to the team who came, they were nice and friendly and got it done. 5 stars!

Hollie Smart

I was pleased with the guys who arrived on site to treat our house. They didn't wander around aimlessly, didn't waste any time. Everything was done in a skilful manner and with professional tools. I didn't know there were so many machines one could use for pest control. Anyways, thanks to the team and the helpful woman on the telephone.

Madeleine Pearce

I had heard that people in Middlesbrough often got problems with cockroaches but for the past four years, I hadn't had any issues. Until a few weeks ago... I saw a huge cockroach by the kitchen in the middle of the night and was super creeped out. I called the next day for someone to come and inspect the flat and get rid of them if possible. Fantastic Pest Control send me a team and the guys who arrived were helpful, they checked the premise and used a placed a few baits to catch them. They promised to come tomorrow to check for the dead cockroaches. Thanks for the emergency service. I'm very glad there's someone to rely on in such moments.

Eve Carpenter

Happy to have worked with you on the regular office check-up. We hire pest companies to inspect, and if necessary, to treat our office building for pests. We like to maintain our excellent reputation and we are more than happy that you are offering discreet services in Hartlepool. We had a local team arrive and inspect the building thoroughly and luckily for us, no pests were found. Thank you, Fantastic Pest Control.

Demi Thornton

I was not happy when I found out that there were rats in the basement and was afraid that they might start getting inside of the house as well. I researched for a pest control treatment and found your company, called right away and booked the first available slot. Got the basement treated and the house inspected by the Darlington exterminators. I was pleased with the service and with the price. I would recommend your services to friends.

Faith Slater

Reliable, skilful, polite and professional. That's how I can describe the people and the company while I was working with them. I'd highly recommend turning to Fantastic Pest Control for pest problems. They helped us get rid of a severe woodworm infestation in the attic. I will be forever grateful the company.

Brooke Myers

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company. They have fair prices and best of all - an emergency service. I had to use it on Wednesday because I was unpleasantly surprised by mice in the bathroom. I screamed for 10 min and then called the first company I found. They send me a team and later the same day the house was pest-free and clean. THANK YOU!

Brooke Savage

We booked a full service and even got the house sanitised because we had the worst infestation of bed bugs. It's a real nightmare having to get rid of these nasty bugs. We couldn't be more thankful to the team who did all of the work. They were professional and didn't slack at all. Thanks, Fantastic Pest Control and more specifically the Durham team, you are great!

Alicia Summers

We had been trying to get rid of the ants on our own for a month now and nothing had a long-lasting effect. Ants would come back either on the next day or the day after that. Last week we decided to get the house treated by professionals and we saw an ad for your services and called immediately. It has been over a week since the team treated the house, we haven't seen any ants yet! That's amazing, we couldn't achieve such lasting results. Hopefully, they don't ever come back, but if they do, we know who to call. Thank you so much!

Chelsea Ferguson

Your company was recommended to me and more specifically your cockroach treatment, so I booked it. I too was impressed with your company and employees. I would choose your company over any other one.

J. Petterson, Mendip

The company came highly recommended and I booked a rats treatment with them for a reasonable price. The service went well, the exterminators were punctual, did the work, advised me on how to keep the house safe and I'm expecting them to come by in a week to pick up the dead rats.

Veronica Richardson, Cheltenham

The reason I booked with Fantastic Pest Control is that I didn't have time to do a thorough research and I called the first company I saw. Luckily for me, they really are fantastic. Great call centre and savvy technicians!

Harley Fisher

Very nice customer service. The girl who took my case was super helpful and very detailed. She managed to arrange me the perfect service - the best time and the best price that I was hoping for. I would recommend the company for sure!

Molly Pritchard

When I was working with Fantastic Pest Control in Bournemouth I felt included in the entire process. I had arranged for a mire control and the phone operator was incredibly attentive to me. Called me a few times to confirm the job, called after the job, the exterminators were professional and did not neglect any room or corner. Overall, amazing service.

Zara Dunn

I was visited by a professional team of South Hams exterminators last week and they were great. Treated the house without leaving a mess in the house. Neat and punctual guys, and the company is very reliable. I recommend it.

Morgan Finch

I want to thank the fantastic pest control team in North Devon for their quick reaction. I called last minute and they came for an emergency service to take care of the nest of cockroaches that we found. Amazing team that deliver amazing results!

Imogen Green

I booked and was more than happy with what I got. Fantastic prices and a job well done. Thanks, guys!

Jay Crawford

The pest controllers fixed my problem with rats and their holes. I want to thank them and the company for the great prices. Hopefully, they don't come back.

Darlene Green

I was very impressed with the professionalism I saw in the technicians that Fantastic Pest Control sent to treat my house for cockroaches. We had a problem in the entire street and many of the neighbours called the same company. We are all satisfied with the services. 5 stars!

Muriel Brock

I could not thank your exterminators enough for the hard work. It seemed very difficult to reach half of the spaces they did. Thanks for the dedication. Totally worth the money.

Lauren Bowen

I got a fantastic service from you guys! Your name is well deserved. I got my house treated for cockroaches and the entire time I worked with your employees, they were great. Friendly and polite, and the exterminators were very careful and detailed when treating the house. So far I haven't spotted any cockroaches! Thanks a lot!

Georgia from Sedgemoor

I moved to Cotswold five years ago and hadn't had any pest issues until this summer when a huge wasp nest appeared on my terrace. I called Fantastic Pest Control and called for a service right away. I got the nest removed and the wasps treated by a team of exterminators and the price I paid for the entire job was quite reasonable. I'd use the company again for sure, plus the customer service is on point!

Monica Peterson

Hey, Fantastic Pest Control in Forst of Dean, you have a great customer service! A very helpful and polite girl carried me through the entire booking process and until the service was completed. Great exterminators as well- very knowledgeable and savvy.

Michele Osborne

I chose to use your company because you offered me better prices. I wanted to say that I found the service to be very efficient. So far I hadn't noticed any pigeons circling the house and making a mess. Thank you for that.

Rachel Fuller

The employees were friendly and really did everything they could to help me and ease my work with them. I would like to thank them by name but I forgot their names, sorry. But the call centre was super helpful and the technicians who came did a thorough job and the house is no longer infested with silverfish. Thanks!

Annonimous, South Gloucestershire

I called the council for help once and things ended on the spot. First, I couldn't reach them for an entire day. Second, they wanted me to wait a week and a half for an inspection and who knows how long for a treatment. And the price wasn't cheap either. I found your company on the Internet and was very impressed with the service. Quick and easy to book, and for a reasonable price. The service was yesterday and it went well. Thank you.

Louise Peterson

I was left with a clean house and no signs of woodworms after the exterminators left. Great job, guys. Thanks for everything. I would recommend your services.

Samantha Collier

My husband was happy that he didn't have to deal with the wasp nest that showed up on the ceiling on the porch. Thanks, Fantastic Pest Control for getting the job done without causing any damages. Great service.

Rita N., East Dorset

I have used your company once a few years ago and was satisfied with it so this year when we had a mice problem I called you again. And was happy with the service and the result. Keep it up.

Katheryne Madisyn

I wished to say that I am very happy with the service and with the results your pest controllers in Torridge gave me. Professional, polite, customer friendly, and efficient! What more is there to need from a professional service. I'd definitely book with them again.

Ron N., Torridge

We've been struggling with cockroach infestations for years and we've tried a number of professional companies and DIY methods to get rid of them. None of them worked. Two weeks ago we had the house treated by your company and so far we haven't seen a bug. They usually come out two days after the treatment. I think we finally managed to kill them all. We could not be more grateful!

Kelly Thomas

I've used your services in Purbeck a few times because I have a reoccurring wasp problem and every summer it's the same thing all over again. I find your services and teams very reliable and that's why I call you. Plus, the service is not too expensive and I get good value for my money.

Cate Eleanora

Wished to find a trustworthy pest control agency for a discreet treatment and you delivered just what I was looking for. Thanks for your hard work and for the understanding. The employees were helpful and extremely polite.

Sonja Griffith

Fantastic quality to price ratio. I couldn't have been happier to pay a reasonable amount of money but to have a peace of mind that every small crevice in the house was checked and treated. Worth it!

Melva Wynter

Thanks to the Teignbridge team for giving me amazing results. I was trying to catch the mice on my own for weeks but was unsuccessful and finally booked with Fantastic pest control. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be and they did a splendid job. I just wanted to put in a good word for them because the technicians who did the job were really great and deserve it.

Clair Haverford, Teignbridge area

It was a difficult summer for us with fleas and ants. The ants kept coming in from the garden and the cats kept bringing fleas inside. Thanks to your fantastic exterminators, we managed to save ourselves at the end of the summer when I heard about you. The exterminators did a great job, unlike our DIY methods. Thank you, Fantastic Pest Control!

Julie Dixon

I turned to Fantastic Pest Control in West Devon for help and they responded right away. Very attentive and courteous employees. They helped me arrange the appointment. Skilled and equipped team did the job with great attention to details. And all of this for a rather practical price. Definitely worth it. We no longer have wasps thanks to this company.

Thelma Richards

I've only used one other pest control company before and was not pleased with all. This time I booked a rat treatment from you and I have to say that so far, you are better in every way. I hope the house remains free of rats for a long time.

Donna King

Fast and punctual team was sent to our house in Exeter and they delivered us great results. Honestly, the most competent people I've worked with in a long time. Definitely recommend them.

Shane Moran

Aside from having cockroaches in the house, I had a great time dealing with Fantastic pest control. Their customer service is top-notch.

Sherry Kandi

Thorough inspection and great advice in the end! I appreciate the helpful and friendly guys and would use the same company again!

Jennifer O., Bristol

Here in Christchurch, we don't have a lot of professional pest control services. I am so happy you were available last weekend so I could finally have the apartment treated for mice. The job was carried out in about two hours and I am expecting your team to arrive next week to remove the captured mice, all for a rather affordable cost. Thanks.

Steve McLaughlin

I got great results and friendly attitude from everyone. I live in Plymouth and hadn't had any pest problems before. I'm happy there are companies like Fantastic to help people.

Samuel Slater

Had to find a quick pest control service and Fantastic Pest popped up first in my view. Called, got a quote, I arranged for a treatment and it was all done in less than three days. Great service. Quick and effective.

Myra Padilla

I was visited by a couple of very competent guys who amazed me with their super detailed inspection of the house! They really didn't miss anything. It turned out there was no problem and they left. I was embarrassed to have bothered them but they did give me some helpful tips. Thanks, guys, you are great.

Paul Browne, East Devon

I've used the council pest control service in the past and it was terrible! I hired your company and wanted to thank you for the excellent work.

Jenn, Leeds resident

Hi, thanks for your service! I was very happy to use your service as it came highly recommended. I came in with great expectations and they were all met. Very nice customer service!

Brandon Reed

Got a fantastic service in Bradford yesterday. The service was bed bug treatment and I feel great about the results. They guys seemed knowledgeable and eager to help me. Thanks!

M. Oliver

Superb attitude and carefully carried out the job. Definitely worth calling them. I thought I just had a few mice in the house...turned out it was a rather large infestation. They found the nest and took care of the issue on the spot.

Harold Wood

I was happy with the team who treated our house. We had been struggling with wasps in the backyard for a month before we called. Thankfully, the team was skilled and got the job done in no time.

Georgia F., Barnsley District

We had our office treated by another company from Ryedale last Tuesday and since the problem was not gone, we had to find another one to re-do their work. Upon hearing some praises about your company we called and got a quote. Now it's a week after your treatment and everything is clean! A very professional attitude and effective service! You just won yourselves a regular customer. Thank you.

Janice Brown

Just booked your mice treatment for our villa. I hope the team in Richmondshire is as amazing as my mum said. She recommended your services. So far, the booking process was easy and the people professional. Can't wait to see the execution of the service.

Ann Young

Our entire street in Calderdale had a rise in mice population and everyone used professional service to clear their homes. We used Fantastic Pest and we were more than satisfied with their work. Highly recommend them.

Morgan Saunders

Prompt and friendly. I liked the service very much. Wakefield council had a long waiting list and these guys came the very next day after I called them!

Malcolm Young

I booked a bed bug control and was more than pleased with the results. The problem did not reappear. It must have been a really great first treatment.

Isaac Armstrong

I had to have three visits overall to make sure the problem was completely dealt with. I'm glad the same team arrived each time. They did great and I couldn't thank them enough. 5 stars for the team in Doncaster.

Francis Holmes

For the second year in a row in the summer, we are having ants and flies problems. It's super annoying to have these bugs in your home. I called for a quote and the girl offered me a great price so I booked the service. The team was here yesterday and have done a fantastic work! I hope it lasts, but if not, I'll contact you again.

Frank Reed

Competent guys who take their job very seriously. They did a more thorough survey of the house than I was thinking of. They seemed determined to do their best to help me get rid of mice. Very pleased and impressed with the Sheffield pest technicians. Good job, mates!

Clover Lucchetti

Such nice people. The man on the phone and the crew from Selby were attentive and eager to help. Thanks again for the fumigation service.

Rose Edwards

Superb care of the customers. The Scarborough pros delivered us a very prompt and detailed service which is more than I hoped for. Thanks for the tips and for the efficient cockroach control.

Kieran Storey

The local crew in York has helped me a couple of times and I have to say that they are unequalled. I've used another company's pest treatment only once and it was horrible. Fantastic Pest gets the job done with no hassle and at a convenient cost. Their value for money is great.

Keith Johns

This year I've had a serious problem with cockroaches and turned to your Fantastic company for help. The employees were friendly, the pest control crew did an amazing job in no time. A few days passed and the house is quiet and finally seems free of roaches. Thank you!

Brooke Watts

I could not thank you all enough for being professional and discreet in time of need. Our small shop had some cockroach issues and we needed the treatment to be done very discreetly and your crew took care of that. They were simply amazing. Highly professional and very skilled! Awesome service!

Lara Hobbs

The highest rating for the Hull crew! Friendly, punctual and meticulous! The nest inspection was performed with the utmost care and attention.

Josh Hickson, Hull

Your company was chosen by our entire street last month because we had a crazy mice infestations everywhere. Your teams in North Lincolnshire had a lot of work and they did all of it with success. All neighbours said they are satisfied as well. Keep being fantastic!

Abbie Manning

Five stars rating for your dust mites control. The pros were professional and took good care of my flat. I highly recommend your company because you seem to care about your customers a lot and your prices are affordable for normal people.

Lee Schofield

So far my encounters with your company have been easy and pleasant. Only helpful and professional people. I will soon have my follow up visit, I hope it goes well again. The Mansfield crew is great! 5 stars for their hard work!

Lorraine Honor

You guys are great at exterminating cockroaches! Many thanks to the team from Newark for the comprehensive treatment.

Rosie Lucia

Thanks for sending real pros to our house for the spider treatment. They left a couple of hours ago and since we are very pleased with them and their work decided to put in a good word about them. Great guys, very polite and easy to talk to.

Loyd Karen

I specifically asked if the pesticides would be harmful to my dogs and was assured that they would not. I want to thank the guys in East Lindsey for the job and special treatment!

Merry Gage

So far I have used your mice control and your fleas control services in two different houses in Blaby. I rent out the properties and I want everything to be okay with them. Both services were efficient and well priced. You're great!

Rosanne Ethelred

Your services came highly recommended by a friend of mine who has used your company twice. I took his advice and I booked. I want to say that I, too, was satisfied with the rat control service that I got and that now I will be recommending you as well.

Penelope Cherie

Reliable and highly professional company! Thank you for the hard work and the nice attitude. You seem to care about your customers a lot.

Mia Coleman

Your services were recommended by my neighbour because he had the same issue with wasps. I too was content with the service that I got. The pest exterminators were very disciplined and checked the area thoroughly before the beginning of the treatment. Superb service! Definitely, deserves the highest rating!

Anna Leach

Great value for money, I wouldn't hesitate to book with them again. Quite easy to book and the exterminators' work proved very efficient in no time.

Freya Dawson

Simple booking, punctuality, detailed treatment, affordable cost. Satisfied with it and would book again with the company.

Bradley Law

Pleased with your work! Pleased with the price, as well. Got a very nice service from the team in Boston. The guys were polite and were very quick.

Jake Briggs

Hi, I recently got the misfortune of having a cockroach problem in my flat. But then I got the fortune of booking your technicians to take care of it. I wanted to say that I found the service reasonably priced and that it was effective. There are no cockroaches! Thank you!

Elise Hopkins

Hi, I recently got the misfortune of having a cockroach problem in my flat. But then I got the fortune of booking your technicians to take care of it. I wanted to say that I found the service reasonably priced and that it was effective. There are no cockroaches! Thank you!

Isabelle Bradley

Thank you, Charnwood team, for eliminating the rats in the house. Punctual, prompt, adequate and friendly. Would use again!

Jacob Fletcher

I am genuinely very pleased with the pest treatment that we got for the house last Saturday. We only saw professionalism and punctuality from this company. They are very reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Imogen Law

Your name is not lying. The service I got was truly fantastic and the crew in Rutland is the best. They were very discreet and did a meticulous inspection and then a treatment of my apartment. So far, I've seen no flies. Mission accomplished!

Ronald Clark

I want to thank the Leicester exterminators for arriving on time for the appointment regardless of the bad weather conditions. They could have cancelled but they didn't. They came and did their work!

Sheena Davis

I cannot say how thankful I am for the work I got from Fantastic Pest Control in Bassetlaw! In the middle of the night, I woke up for some water and saw flying cockroach! I was terrified and called for emergency pest control. The guys came and inspected the flat and found roaches. They treated and so far there have been no signs. AMAZING SERVICE!

Jacqueline Martin

I've been struggling to fight and repel ants from our house but to no success. I friend recommended me Fantastic pest control in Derby and I called immediately. I didn't want to spend money on professional service because I thought I can deal on my own but I was wrong. The team arrived promptly and treated the house even the rooms where there weren't any ants. It has been a few days now and the house is still clean. I could not thank the guys enough!

Kaushal Bhatt

Great knowledge of pests and how to protect one's house from them. I was super impressed by the Gedling technicians and their work. I've already recommended your services to some friends.

Patrick Jenkins

I have to thank the exterminators in Wellingborough for giving me such helpful advice. I had your service a month ago and had my send follow up visit today. There's no new infestation and thanks to the professional advice they gave me I hope it will not happen again. Thank you very much!

Linda Green

Very satisfying service and pleasant guys. They came, treated the house and left. No hassle, no problems. Thanks for the professional attitude.

Aled Falvey

I was visited by a professional crew to treat the entire house for fleas this summer. Got a super friendly team who were very chatty and seemed to enjoy their work. It was easy to talk to them, plus they helped us with some tips.

Kimberly, Broxtowe District

I got a wonderful service from the guys in Ashfield. They were recommended to me by a friend and I was expecting a very detailed service...which I got! Many thanks. Cool company. Definitely would use them in the future.

Kiran G.

Job well done, mates! I'm very glad that your prices are reasonable and that your services are adequate. Very satisfied with the execution of the service by the Northampton team.

Kevin, Northampton

Booked a fairly priced rat treatment and got the service performed the very next day. I have no complaints about the guys from South Holland or the job that they did. Many thanks for the attention and care.


It's hard living with kids and pets especially when the dogs sometimes carry fleas in the house. We just had our house treated for fleas for the third time in two years and we are all very satisfied with the service overall and with the prices. I just wanted to thank you. You've done a great job once again.

Jane T., North Kesteven

East Northampton team, thank you! Knowledgeable and adequate chaps! They gave me great pieces of advice on how to keep the house free from rats.

Jacques Lebeau

I waited three days for an available slot but on the other hand, the council's wait list was over two weeks long. I booked the service and waited the three days. Got an amazing service and couldn't be happier with the choice I made. Thank you, Fantastic Pest Control.

Harold Adams

I have my own business and use Fantastic Pest Control from time to time and have not been disappointed yet. Each time I get friendly treatment, timely service and good results in the end. It's all a professional service company should provide to their customers.

Lillian Gray

I had to book an inspection first because I wasn't sure if there was an actual problem in the house. The guys came and really inspected the entire house, every crevice. They confirmed the infestation and offered to treat right away. I agreed and they were finished with the job in about two hours. First-class service from these guys! I strongly recommend.

Harry Mitchell

Many thanks for being so helpful. I booked an emergency service and was more than happy with the adequate reaction from everyone in South Kesteven. Incredible and flawless service at a practical price!

Claire, South Kesteven

The service was very good and efficient, and the price was okay. But what left the biggest impression on me was how good their customer care service is. Truly great!

Jadyn Delores

The Melton controllers left a very good impression on me. They were very punctual and incredibly polite. The job was performed with attention to details. A few days have passed now and there are no signs of cockroaches, so I wanted to say that the job was a success!

Martin Bamforth

Extremely professional, and the job was more quickly than expected! It was great working with your company, everyone was very nice and helpful.

Amy Khan, North West Leicestershire

Well equipped and punctual technicians. They treated the entire second floor and they did in the estimated time, thus they did not overcharge me. I'm super happy with the work and with the result. Would use them again for sure. I just hope I don't have to.

Lisa Packer

Thanks, mates, for the punctual service. My schedule is really tight and I barely managed to find the time for the service but it needed to be done. I specifically asked that they are punctual and quick because I don't have the time to stay with them and they delivered. Many thanks to everyone - the technicians, the customer care operator. They were simply fantastic!

Jordan Baker, Bolsover

Your pest services in Amber Valley made my life easier. I sublet five flats and I have to take care of all problems. And when there is a pest issue I used to turn to the council which was super annoying, slow process and often times the service was not efficient. I heard about your agency and have been using your services for almost a year now. Each time I am left with great results and happy tenants. So thanks, and please keep helping people.

Robert Gadd

I have used your services in North East Derbyshire for a couple of years now and I have been recommending your company to colleagues and friends. Our villa is constantly attacked by squirrels or some other pests and I need pest control at least two times a year. You give me amazing results each time and that's why I keep coming back to you. Keep it up.

Dannielle M., North East Derbyshire

Definitely a company worth trusting. I have been scammed by 'professional services' before and don't generally like using them but when it comes to pests there's nothing I can do on my own. I decided to trust the few people who recommended them and booked a treatment. It turned out fantastic. They did not want the money before the service, the team arrived on time, the girl on the phone was incredibly helpful. This time the service was real and gave me real results.

Laila, Erewash

You seem to be the only company in Wyre Forest to really care about their customers. In the last three months alone I had to book a few different professional services and their attitude was repulsive. Plus they did not do that good of a job and wanted a lot of money. On the other hand, your company gave me a reasonable sounding quote and when the team completed the treatment, the price was just what I was told. Thank you for the adequate and highly professional service.

Bryn Rebekah

I'm happy that I chose your company. You seem very concerned with your customers' opinion. I was treated very nicely while working with your company. Everyone was nice and polite. These things are rarely seen in people from the service sector these days. Please don't change.

Kaitlyn Roxana

Excellent! I was not expecting that things would happen so quickly. I called for a quote, which sounded okay, so I called to make an arrangement. They were available in only two days! And the Bromsgrove council wanted me to wait two weeks... Fantastic Pest Control deserves the highest rating! They completed the job and we no longer have spiders everywhere.

Maddison Campbell

We arranged for a mice treatment by a local pest company in Worcester but they didn't do anything right and we had to call you guys to re-do their work. Luckily, now I can say that the house is clean, all thanks to your skilled team. Top-notch service and attitude!

Sarah Patterson

Thank you for the top-notch service, guys! I'll give you five stars. The entire family is grateful to you for freeing the house from the fleas.

Ros Grace

I loved working with them, they made everything easy and the end result was fantastic. I hope the problem doesn't happen again but if it does, I'll book with Fantastic Pest Control again.

Ewan Bentley

I love to see the best in people but sadly it can be hard to do sometimes. I've noticed that most times when I book any kind of professional service people tend to be grumpy or to not pay attention and hurry to finish the job which often leads to poor results. I am so happy that your company is an exception to this. I got to work with some of your employees while our cockroach treatment was ongoing and I was very happy to see polite and friendly technicians. Thanks for the service, you rock!

Lorraine Davis, Wolverhampton

Your pest technicians in Rugby are amazing! I got my flat treated by them two days ago and they were incredibly professional. They paid attention to every room and every nook and cranny. Thanks for the hard work and for the attentive service.

Grace Lloyd

Thanks a lot for the discreet service. I run a small shop and I your team was very careful and attentive. They got the shop rid of the mice that were showing up and causing a nuisance.

Patrick Crawford

5 stars rating for the fantastic technicians working in Tamworth! A super diligent team came to help us with a wasps nest and we are more than happy that we are finally free. Keep up the good work!

Careen Nevil

It wasn't easy to find a pest exterminator that will do the job and will not cost too much but I got a reasonable quote from Fantastic Pest Control and I booked right away. I got what I was promised and I couldn't be more thankful. You deserve 5 stars!

Susan Kendrick

Just got a treatment from these guys yesterday. I'm pleased with the service overall. No waiting, no hassle, no ridiculous additional fees. It was straightforward and the exterminators were very professional.

Noah Wright

I was surprised by the neat work of the local pest controllers. Thank you, Fantastic Pest Control for being so easy to work with.

Christabella Charis

Thanks for the help, mates! You sent a team to treat my flat for flies which had turned into a major problem. The team was fantastic and got the job done quickly. Amazing!

Neil F., Birmingham

Wonderful attitude! Professional guys that help you through the entire process and until you are satisfied with their job. I was flattered by the attention they gave me. They called a few times to inquire if the treatment was successful! Keep being fantastic.

Brian Stevenson

I would definitely recommend your efficient pest control services to anyone who would ask me. I had two visits from one of the Fantastic Pest Control teams in Stoke-on-Trent and they were amazing. Did a great and thorough job and gave me some helpful advice for the future.

Sheila Hirst

Someone recommended me your company when I was looking for a reasonably priced service for a problem with cockroaches. I called and booked and got the house treated in a couple of days. I wanted to thank you for the professional attitude and the amazing results.

Rhonda Scott

Fantastic execution of the job! We booked an inspection and a treatment for the bed bugs in our guest bedroom and the guys were fantastic. They did a detailed inspection and did not waste time before beginning the actual treatment. We are satisfied customers and would not forget to turn to Fantastic Pest in the future.

Ritula Shah

Hey, thanks for the super convenient service! I didn't have to wait long for a call back or a quote, or for the service. The team was great, I have no complaints. Just wanted to thank you.

Brianna Aldous

Got one of the most customer-friendly services from this company. I have used a few different professional services over the years, Fantastic Pest Control is definitely the best one so far. Professional, helpful and punctual. I'd use them again.

Jerome White

The initial service was helpful but the problem wasn't fully eradicated and I had to call for a second visit. The same team came and were once again very friendly. They did their job and left. Now, after a few days, I can say that the property is cleared of all pests.

Natalie Nill, Malvern Hills

When the exterminators came to spray the house I was impressed by how prepared and equipped they were. I've used another company to treat for pests but they were not even remotely as prepared and as professional as you, guys. Thank you very much for the results!

Naheed Mirza

I arranged for a professional inspection of the house and it was done very well. The team was thorough and did not make a mess in the house. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service. They are really efficient and deliver good value for your money.

Mark, Stratford-on-Avon

I think your company is one of the very few left that is reliable and delivers good value for money. I called a bunch of other pest control companies and their demands, prices, limitations, etc. were ridiculous. Thanks for being professional and for knowing that the customer is more important than money. I would use your services again if I ever need them, I promise!

Diana Jager

Brilliant technicians with amazing technology. I was very impressed when I saw how much equipment and pesticides the guys came with. We hired them to treat the office and they did a great job!

Marcus McKenzie

Super glad that I chose Fantastic Pest Control in Stafford to eliminate the cockroach infestation in my house. I've never had a problem that was this disgusting. The guys were very discreet and there are no signs of cockroaches anymore. I could not be happier. I give them 5 stars!

Karl Parker, tenant

Absolutely fantastic! Got my house treated by your guys and was impressed with the attention to details that they showed me. The house turned out to be clean and I believe them because they really looked everywhere.

Shantelle Shelton

The service that I got was good value for my money. It was easy to book and they were flexible with the appointments. The technicians came, they inspected, and they treated the house, and left. Quick, thorough, and hassle-free.

Peter Williams

Hi! I want to thank your local exterminators in Lichfield for the attention and for all the hard work. I found your service very helpful and wanted to thank the guys who did the actual work. Made my house feel safe again now that there are no more mice.

Kathryn Prowse

Cool service and cool guys. Had to find an emergency pest control service near Shropshire and this is the only company that came through. Many thanks to the skilled technicians who came and laid down all kinds of traps and baits for the rats in our house.

Magnolia Lolicia

I must thank the Fantastic Pest Control exterminators in Wycombe as they showed great knowledge and skills in treating a three-story house for cockroaches in a day! Thanks a lot to the team!

Max Poole

Awesome cockroach control service, guys! Thank you for freeing my house from these gross bugs. It was a real nightmare having them in the house. Thanks for the adequate and quick service!

Molly P., Milton Keynes

Fantastic Pest Control is, in my opinion, reliable and customer-oriented company. I have used them three times in the last year and they have always delivered me great results.

Robert Stanley

Fantastic Pest Control is the only company that offered me a reasonable quote and an emergency service. We woke up in the middle of the night because something was biting me and called them right away. A team was at our house not long afterwards and treated the entire bedroom for bed bugs. Thank you for your adequate service!

Jane, Havant resident

I hope I never have to use your services again but for the two sessions that I had done by your local pest controllers, I can only say good things. A skilled team came to treat the house and left it free from mice. Thanks a lot! I can recommend your company to others with pest problems.

Alice Shepherd

At first, I thought my kids were joking about hearing a strange noise but after a week we called for an inspection of the house and the conclusion was that we had rats! We turned to Fantastic Pest Control in Worthing for help and they did a thorough treatment. Now things seem to have calmed down. Thanks for the quick results!

Louise Chandler

In Chichester, affordable services are rare and I am more than happy to have found one that is affordable and efficient at the same time. They helped a lot, their prices are good and the service amazing. The result was visible the next day. Very quick and skilled technicians.

Rebecca Scott

I am happy to inform you that your local pest controllers in Arun are very dedicated to their work. They checked and then treated every corner of the house. I haven't seen such attentive exterminators before and I've used a couple of other services... Thanks again for the Fantastic service.

Amelia Green

I have been a resident of Surrey Heath for over a decade and only last week I needed professional pest exterminators to eliminate the cockroaches in the house. The treatment was completed in a professional manner and with modern equipment. The results are what matters to me the most and they are great!

Caitlin Owen

I have three apartments and one small house that I sublet and often am in need of local pest controllers, as people always find three bugs to complain about and I need to take care of the problem. I have been using Fantastic Pest Control for many years now and am quite pleased with everything that they do.

Tegan Curtis

Booked a fantastic service with these guys. Everyone was friendly and smiling. These are the employees every company should have. We got a professional treatment in every aspect. Truly a Fantastic company!

Louie Randall

I needed a local specialist to treat my flat for cockroach infestation and was recommended Fantastic Pest Control. I was hesitant but I booked and was more than pleased with their professionalism and care for their customers. I, too, would recommend them to people with pest problems in Gravesham.

Isabel Brown

I must say that this company is very helpful and efficient when it comes to pests. I had two consecutive treatments done by them and both were done carefully and with the utmost attention to details. I strongly recommend Fantastic Pest Control's services.

Scarlett Butcher

Hopefully, more people with pest problems hear about your company. I used your bee control service a week ago and received an excellent treatment and attitude. Good job!

Sebastian Shah

I was pleased with this company's call centre. Very friendly and polite and helpful. The girl was nice and helped me through the booking process. I was pleased with the job of the technicians as well. Just a great service overall. Thank you very much for everything.

Amber Ford

I have been living in New Forest for more than 10 years and have never had a cockroach problem. Last month I had to hire professionals to get rid of them because their number grew considerably. Luckily for me Fantastic Pest Control came to the rescue. The house is clean and we could not have been happier. They are certainly worth every penny.

Sophia Russell

Lewes has never been known as having a large population of cockroaches but I guess our street was an exception. Our house, as well as a few neighbours, have been struggling with cockroach infestations. We booked with Fantastic Pest Control and were very pleased and recommended them to the rest of the neighbours. Now we are all free from this gross problem. Thanks, Fantastic!

Louise Daly

Many thanks for completely removing all rats in the house. I'm glad I chose your company to do the job. We are all pleased with the service, the cost and the end results.

Zara K. Jones

Just got a wonderful treatment from this company. I live in Elmbridge and was in need of a professional local pest exterminator. Called Fantastic Pest Control and booked an emergency service. Got the treatment and the results are Fantastic!

Justice Lola

The poor team that came to my house.. they must have worked three hours straight to locate all entry points of the rats. They did not complain or overlook anything. Very professional attitude! Fantastic Pest Control freed my home from rats and I could not be happier

Lisa. T, Reading district

I had to choose between your company and the local council pest control service, and I am happy that I decided to use your professional services in Slough. It was quick, efficient, and it didn't cost that much.

A. Jenkins

I got to work with a team from the company and I must say that they really know what they are doing. I booked spider control service and saw the local exterminators in action. They were great! I'd use the same company again.

Sabrina Nolan

Congratulations on training your local exterminators well. They are amazing and do not neglect their job! The team who came to do the roach control was superb!

Bunny Corrina

I had to book an emergency mice control for the flat that I sublet. I was told that Fantastic Pest Control in Woking are the best in the area so I called. The booking was simple and the next day the treatment was completed. The tenants are happy and said that they haven't seen mice and that's enough for me.

Emma T. , Woking

Just had my second visit by a local team from Fantastic Pest Control. Just like the first time - timely service, polite team, efficient results. What more could I want? Thanks again for the expert work.

Paula Stephens

This company delivers amazing services and are very attentive towards their customers. I got nothing else but nice and polite people to talk to and a skilled team of Chiltern pest controllers!

Kirsty Henderson, from Chiltern

Must have called the council five times before they told me that they can help me after a month. It only took one call to Fantastic Pest Control and the exterminators arrived the next day! Amazing service. Fast and adequate! Just what you need when you have bed bugs.

Evan Richards

I want to express my gratitude to Fantastic Pest Control and their team in Adur. They were expedient, friendly, thorough and punctual.

Carolyn A.

Reliable, quick and efficient. Fantastic Pest Control in Crawley helped me with a pretty nasty silverfish infestation. It was like living in a horror movie. I cannot thank the local team enough for saving us from the horror.

Marie Briggs

I recently needed professionals to exterminate the rats in the house and turned to Fantastic Pest Control for help and were not disappointed. I'd strongly recommend their services because their prices are not very expensive and because their exterminators do an amazing job. They seemed very skilled and trustworthy.

Branda Kerena

Pest control companies in Horsham do not seem to want to help their customers. Fantastic Pest Control was the third company that I used for a cockroach infestation and their service was the only effective one. I am glad I finally found a reliable company and hope that I won't have to use their services again. I don't want any more cockroaches.

Benjamin Rennick

Great service and great prices! Definitely worth booking with Fantastic Pest control. I'd choose them again if I ever need local exterminators. Efficient and polite!

Natasha Murphy

It is a real pain having to live with cockroaches in your home. I was lucky enough that my mother told me about this company and I called them. They were polite and attentive and got the job done. That's all I wanted. Great company with skilled exterminators.

Andy Burkitt

Truly helpful guys! Fantastic Pest Control took good care of us and our house. We have three dogs and needed special pesticides for the treatment and Fantastic Pest assured us of the safety of the products. We had the house treated two days ago and everything is great. Thanks to the experts!

Simone, Vale of White Horse

We got a perfect service from Fantastic Pest Control in West Oxfordshire. When we called the girl on the phone helped me a lot. I liked the flexibility of their schedule because my work hours are not regular and sometimes uncertain. The guys here were very helpful and ready to work according to my schedule. Strongly recommend them.

Ariel Lucia

I enjoyed working with Fantastic Pest controllers in Runnymede last week when they had to send a team to inspect and treat the house. They were understanding and flexible with the appointment and were discreet which I loved. I am very grateful to everyone who helped us.

Trevor Nash

The team from Fantastic Pest Control in Tandridge was great! I'd rate their work with five stars. The team was friendly, equipped and worked with attention to details. I liked working with them a lot.

Harlee Byers

Hey, Fantastic Pest Control team, I want to thank you for the attentive job. We have a two-year-old and needed the treatment to be carried out very carefully and your team did it. We are very satisfied with the service. Thanks once again.

Damien Ramirez

At first, I didn't recognize the sings of mice infestation and a friend told me to call for a professional inspection, how embarrassing. I called Fantastic Pest Control and was unpleasantly surprised to hear that there was indeed a mice problem. I booked a treatment right away and the team did the job. I could not thank you enough for the great results!

Sam, Ashford

I strongly recommend Fantastic Pest in Waverley. I just had my entire house inspected and treated by the specialists they send me and I am quite pleased with the entire service. They performed a thorough treatment of the house and did not charge me too much.

Helen Nimmons

Fantastic Pest Control did a great job eliminating all ants that had swamped our house. Finally, we are free from this pest. They were everywhere and it was horrible. Thanks to the pest specialists the house is clean!

Rachel Bennett

Very helpful guys and practical prices. Great for people on a budget who have problems with pests. I got a custom-tailored service to fit my budget and to give me the best results. I am more than pleased with the service and would use them again.

Theresa Dowsett

I called a few pest control companies in Swale but Fantastic Pest Control seemed the most reliable one even though a bit more expensive than the others. I booked a service and was not sorry. Everyone was professional and looked experienced. The attitude towards me was amazing and the service was efficient. Very enjoyable to work with.

Ash Campbell

My neighbours recommended me Fantastic Pest Control, said they were very pleased with their services. We called for a quote two days ago and everything happened very quickly. The phone operator was very professional and adequate. Everything is set and we are expecting the team to treat the house tomorrow.

Lorraine Hanson

Hi, I want to thank the local pest control team in Dartford who treated my house for cockroaches. The kids are no longer afraid to go around the house on their own. They refused to move on their own because they were grossed out and scared of the roaches. Fantastic Pest got the job done. Thanks for giving us a pest-free home.

Scott Amey

Superb customer service and an even better pest control service. I was happy with the service and with the results that I got from Fantastic Pest in Sevenoaks. Certainly, it is a customer-oriented agency with experience.

Gretta Ida

I'd give your service the highest rating possible. I was more than satisfied with the job the local pest technicians did. I read a few good reviews about the company and I wasn't disappointed. So now I am recommending them as well.

Mark Harmon

Hi, I just want to thank your skillful pest exterminators in Fareham, they really helped us a lot. And were also polite and friendly. They even gave us some tips on how to keep the house from other infestations. So thanks a lot, your service was great.

Kerenza Claudia

I had a treatment done by these guys. They were great and very skilled. I was satisfied with every aspect of the service. The booking and the attitude of the employees. And the exterminators did a great job. Definitely worth the 5 stars.

Laura, Canterbury district

The team which came to take care of the bed bug problem in our guest bedroom were very discreet and competent. They did the work at our convenient time and told us how to prevent such problems in the future. Very professional company!

Jordan M., Maidstone

Booked silverfish control service and was not disappointed. Fantastic Pest Control is the most trustworthy one in Shepway. I was lied to by two other companies. This company came through with the service and gave me great results.

Len Trail

Our office is located in Eastleigh and all of a sudden we had cockroaches everywhere. We heard about Fantastic Pest Control and booked with them right away. A team was sent right away, they had the equipment and insecticides to treat every corner of the large office. I think we would all recommend the company, they did a fantastic job.

Geraldine, Manager

I was meaning to say a few good words about the service that I received. Quite the satisfying service it was. Well and reasonably priced and most important of all, the exterminators treated every nook and cranny of the house. Many thanks to everyone I worked with during the entire service!

Vivien Cole

Booking with Fantastic Pest Control in Rushmoor was simply fantastic. Very easy to book, a very practical quote was given to us. They deliver what they promise, for sure! A team of expert technicians was sent to get us rid of the rats and they did it. Thanks!

Nicholas Bates

5 stars for the professional pest controllers in Hastings. Definitely, the best pest control company we've used so far. This is the third company that we have tried and was the most efficient one. We would use them again for sure but hopefully, we don't have to.

Jane and Will from Hastings

I booked a flea treatment with your company a few weeks ago and was very satisfied with the service. I just wanted to tell you that your exterminators did a fantastic job and that my house is clean now. Thanks a lot for the hard work.

Morgan Young

Hey, thanks for the detailed work and the professional attitude. The Thanet team of pest controllers were thorough and careful when they were treating the flat for flies. Thanks again and keep up with the good service and attitude.

Aileen Gibb, Thanet

I couldn't believe that I had woodworms in the antique table that I bought but it was true after your expert team came to inspect it. I want to thank them and your company for the thorough treatment as I am certain it will save the table. It was quite expensive and I hope it turns out ok.

Brian Langley

We were tormented by mice for over a month and we finally decided to get expert service. We first called Fantastic Pest Control and got a treatment of the entire house. The exterminators were very skilled and seemed experienced. The job was done in about two hours and everything has been great ever since.

Brooke Stevens

Professionalism. Efficient. Affordable. Is how I would describe Fantastic Pest Control in Southampton. They got us rid of the nasty rat infestation. I strongly recommend this company to people who want the job done well because many other companies just take your money and leave your home infested.

Megan Phemie

I must have called the council ten times and they were not even a little bit helpful. I'm grateful that such companies exist to help people with their pest problems. We had ants infestation that was in half of the house. The local pest controllers that Fantastic Pest Control sent us did all the work easily and left the house clean.

Daniel Pope

I've had a few pest control issues over the years in the two flats that I rent out. Mostly, people have complained about bed bugs and I've always had Fantastic Pest Control take care of the issues and haven't been disappointed yet. Their prices are reasonable and always send me skilled exterminators. Keep up the good work!

Siobhan Gaffney

Ever since we moved to Wealden we've been having issues with mice infestations and we've had a couple of professional services. None seemed to work for more than two weeks. The last time we booked with Fantastic Pest Control and it has been over a month since we hadn't had any problems. This seems to be the only company that does a thorough and efficient work.

Juliet Dusty

Wasps are the real pest, I tell you. They have been bothering us whole summer and we finally booked a pest control service and the guys from Fantastic Pest Control came to get us rid of the nightmare. Everything was done professionally and at a reasonable cost. We could not have been more thankful to the exterminators!

Jordan Hays

Loved working with Fantastic Pest Control in Rother. They carried out a thorough house inspection and offered a well-priced treatment after an active woodworm infestation was found. We booked and got the house treated. Very professional company.

Jen Guthrie, Rother

Thanks for the emergency service, guys. The technicians that came to inspect the house were very friendly and gave me some tips about keeping our home rats -free. Loved the service overall. I'd give it 5 stars.

Laurie, Brighton & Hove

Had a great experience with the company, really easy to schedule a service and had no problems during and after the ant treatment. Friendly and reliable.

P. Macy

Fantastic Pest Control deliver what they promise. I called and enquired about a dust mite control and got a very satisfactory quote. I booked and the treatment was carried out by skilled professionals. The price was also acceptable, I'd recommend them.

Rebecca, Wyre

Excellent completion of the job, I have to say. I was not expecting such a diligent job from a pest company. Fantastic Pest Control surprised me pleasantly and performed a really high-quality treatment. I compliment them on the professional technicians, they do amazing work.

Arlene, St. Helens

Worth every penny. Thanks to this company I have three vermin-free properties to sublet. I was worried that I would not be able to eliminate the cockroaches and no one would rent them. Fantastic pest got the job done in all three of my properties. I would keep using their services, they are very efficient.

Erma Kaitlyn

I live in Copeland and it was very hard for me to find a pest control company I could trust. I decided to go with Fantastic because they offered a guaranteed service and I was not disappointed. They really were Fantastic! Every nook and cranny was inspected and treated and the price was practical for such a diligent service. I'd choose Fantastic again.

Katherine Brock

5 stars rating from me for sure. The call centre is very good. I got a quick and adequate response. I booked the service and was not disappointed. Definitely deserve the name Fantastic. Thanks to them I no longer have rats in the house!

Derrick Peterson

I chose to use Fantastic Pest Control because they offered me the best price-quality ratio than all other companies in South Ribble that I contacted. And I ended up being quite pleased with the actual work that they did.

D. Pauleen

My mum recommended me this company and I called them the next day. I got a quote that I liked and booked. Straightforward and easy booking system. I liked that. The price was reasonable for the service that I wanted and the team was punctual. Overall, I am quite satisfied and would book again if I ever need pest control.

Shelby Stone

The company answered my distressed call and sent a team to my house right away. I was worried because of a wasp infestation in the back yard and I couldn't let my kids or dog outside. The team came and took care of the issue quickly. They relocated the nest and my house is now pest-free. Thanks.

Elle Cierra

I have been living in Carlisle for over ten years and I have never had a pest problem. This year has been crazy. First, we had cockroaches and last month we had a silverfish infestation. I thank God that there is an adequate company to help us because the council was always too busy for us. Fantastic Pest Control was quick and helpful and the prices were quite affordable!

Eddie Rush

I was faced with my worst nightmare - spiders. There were so many in the house and there was an infestation in the attic. I booked an emergency service and the Burnley local team came right away. I was so happy when I saw them coming! Thanks to the local Fantastic pest controllers now I can live in peace in my own house with no gross spiders here. Thanks!

Casey Hopper

Fantastic customer service and fantastic fleas control. This company gave me a proper service and left my house clean.Could not have asked for more. The price was also good, compared to other prices. I would use Fantstic Pest Control in Bury again.

Fleurette Alvina

I sublet a flat in Rochdale and my landlady had furnished it with old furniture. I thougth they had woodworms and called to inform her. She asked me to call someone to check it and I booked your service. The team inspected the flat and assured me that there really is a problem. We called her and she wanted the property treated. Fantastic Pest Control did a great job. I would give them five stars.

Livia Laurencia

Thanks for your bee control guys. The pest controllers were quite helpful and seemed very experienced. I have recommended your services to my mum who has cockroach infestation. Keep up the good work!

Rebekah Coleman, Tameside

I was glad that here in Liverpool I can count on a company for emergency pest control services. I liked working with Fantastic Pest Control, even though I did not like having cockroaches in the house. The technicians were polite and skilled, the phone operators were helpful and really made the entire booking process easy.

Elaine, Liverpool

I have been recommending your company to people ever since I had a mice treatment done by your technicians. They were super polite and laid traps everywhere and in no time, the house was cleared. This company is the one you need to deal with pests in South Lakeland!

S. K. Alexander

Super professional attitude and service is what I got from these guys. The technicians even took the time to explain to me everything about the problem and how I could prevent future cockroach infestations in my house. I am so happy that I chose to call Fantastic Pest Control. The best in Allerdale for sure!

Maisie Bartlett

Real professional mates work at this company. I had to hire professional pest controllers in Eden to come clean the house from bed bugs and I contacted Fantastic Pest Control. I liked how easy it was to book and that the exterminators were right on time. When they completed the job they even gave me tips on how to keep the house safe in the future.

David Twine

This is what I call a customer oriented company. They did everything to provide me with a great service. The phone operator called a few times, the pest exterminators were punctual. They did not neglect any corner of the house. A very thorough service for a very reasonable price. I recommend it.

Carina Lacy

Top rating for Fantastic Pest Control in Knowsley! I want to thank the company and the hard working technicians who came for an emergency service to treat our house for bed bugs. Quick and adequate customer service and treatment!

E. Griffiths

Some colleagues at the office noticed weird sounds and we had a professional inspection done by Fantastic Pest Control. For such a big office it is very demanding to send real professionals and the job needs to be done thoroughly. We are all very pleased with the job the exterminators did. We haven't heard mice since the treatment.

I. Woods

I booked with this company after a friend recommended them. I was satisfied with their service as well. Thanks to them we no longer have bed bugs. They did a good job.

J. Shah, Manchester City

Just got our office treated for mice by Fantastic Pest Control. Attentive and prompt service! Technicians who seemed very professional and well-equipped. This is how a company should care for their customers. The pricing system is reasonable and the flexible work hours are very convenient for offices.

J. Briggs

Here in Bolton, I've heard many people complain about different insects infesting their homes but I've never thought it would happen to me. When our house was infested with silverfish last week, we booked a treatment and it was very efficient. I'd recommend the service.

Ayden Harrell

Got a prompt and attentive service by this company. I needed a pest control service near Fylde and Fantastic pest control was the first to give me a reasonable quote. I booked and got the treatment the next day. My house was inspected and treated for bed bugs and I can now sleep without worrying about pests. 5 stars from me!

Ed Gardiner

Here in Hyndburn we had a crazy summer with a lot of wasps infestations all over the area. My neighbours recommended Fantastic Pest Control to me and I booked right away to save our house as well. The team was professional and punctual and gave me the best results.

B. Wilkerson

So far two visits have been made to my house by the same technician. He's very professional and knows what he is doing. I can only speak for his work, but the company as a whole seems customer oriented. They are helpful and their prices are not too expensive. I will keep using the company until my bird problem is resolved.

Bob Eastoft

I have used a couple of pest control services in Salford but Fantastic Pest definitely was the best. The price was not the lowest, but they did a fantastic job getting the house rid of ants. I would use them again, if I ever have vermin in the house.

Doris Walter

I had been sensing an unpleasant smell for a few days before I thought of contacting a pest company. I called here and had a professional inspection of the entire house. The guys did a thorough job and offered to treat the house for mice right away. I definitely recommend this company, they are true professionals.


Fantastic Pest Control deliver what they promise. I called and enquired about a dust mite control and got a very satisfactory quote. I booked and the treatment was carried out by skilled professionals. The price was also acceptable, I'd recommend them.

Definitely the best company I've used so far. Unfortunately for my family and me, every summer we have a flea infestation. I don't understand why but it happens and we call different companies every year because we are not fully satisfied. This company is the best one we've tried. Great quality to price ratio and their exterminators seem to be doing a better job than the rest.

Dana Roscoe

I sublet a couple of flats and have tenants calling me often for pest-related issues. I have been working with Fantastic Pest Control for a few years and they always get the job done the way I need it. They are quick and efficient and simply fantastic.

Wanda Green, Wigan District

I had a persistent spider infestation and I needed a local pest control specialist. A friend recommended me Fantastic Pest and I called right away. I was in awe when in two or so visits the problem never reappeared. Great guys, great service!

Libby Davison

Since we moved here we've been hearing the neighbours to complain about mice but we didn't have any issues until recently. I'm very thankful to Fantastic Pest Control for getting our house rid of them. The kids got scared when they heard that we had mice and we called the professionals right away. Thankfully, everything is ok now and the house is clean.

Oneida Marjory

Convenient and easy booking process. Affordable prices and punctual team. I liked working with Fantastic Pest Control in Preston a lot. This is a very customer friendly company.

David Griffin

Thanks to Fantastic Pest Control's team in Warrington, our house is now vermin-free. After a few suspicious signs of rats we called the exterminators and they came the same day. They did a full inspection and then treated the house. I'm very pleased with the service and with the price that I paid.

Fred Conway

I booked rats control for the house and was left satisfied with the results and with the service. Everything was straightforward and they did not make me wait two weeks, like the council wanted me to do. Thanks, Fantastic Pest Control.

J. Brooks, Stockport district

I was pleased with the service I got from the company when I lived in my previous flat. Then I needed a cockroach control and now I moved in another flat in Oldham but had a mice problem. I called Fantastic again and they delivered a superb service once again.

Jess Sommers, Oldham

I had to book three separate services in order to be sure of the complete extermination of rats, but it was worth it. I guess here many people have similar problems and we were not an exception. Thankfully, the company was quick and sent us people right away. Now everything seems okay. It's all thanks to Fantastic pest control.

Mia Walsh

I'd recommend the exterminators from Fantastic Pest Control to anyone. I had my flat treated by them for bed bugs last week and I was very happy with the service overall. Very polite and helpful team came to treat the area. Plus the prices are quite good considering the great quality of the service. Definitely worth every penny!

Amelie Goddard, Halton resident

Living in my childhood house, I've never thought there will be any problems. Until last week we noticed that we have a cockroach infestation. I called Fantastic Pest Control and they were kind enough to come right away and treat the house. No signs of roaches ever since! Great treatment and friendly staff.

Anonymous, Cheshire West and Chester

The exterminators are one of a kind. I was forwarded to your company by a colleague. Had serious problems with mice, the kitchen and living room was seriously damaged from them. Thanks to Elliot's intervention I am now mice free! I'll highly recommend you guys to anyone who has pest problems.

Charlie Carter

Obviously, customer-focused service. They managed to get rid of the pest problem and answered all my questions. Your Hounslow pest controllers are amazing! Would hire them again!

Sevleta Kropin

Needed a same day mice treatment in Waltham Forest and your skilful workers were available on the weekend. They did an inspection of details and caught the rodent easily. I was totally impressed.

J. Mackey

Already used the Fantastic Pest Control services twice. The first time I called the exterminators and they treated the problem effectively. A month later I found a bee nest in my garden and contacted again Fantastic Pest Control as they did such a great job the first time. Once again the problem was solved in a professional manner.

Julia, Camden

Thorough and excellent completion. Undoubtedly, recommend them in the Greenwich area.

W. Swanson, Landlord

Your Fantastic team in Haringey were very very helpful. Also, can say that they are amazing professionals in what they do. More than happy with the service.

Sara B.

I booked the full spider control treatment and I’m very satisfied with the professional, detailed and very efficient job the pest technician performed in my house in Wandsworth.


Living in Kensington and Chelsea is often a burden during the spring when rodent activity increases and rats start making way into the shed and the garage. I tried dealing with them on my own a few time with little to no effect. The exterminators from Fantastic Pest Control helped me a lot with their knowledge in pest proofing. Thank you!

Jessica S.

The fella did a fantastic job on my property! I was fighting the little suckers on my own for quite a while with no results. Thanks once again, bed bugs are a real pain to handle on your own. I'd recommend you to anyone anytime.

Connor Blackburn

Great service and very professional company! Did my booking very fast and for free. The customer care assistant advised me to book the full treatment which was within my budget and I don’t regret it. The pest technician successfully got rid of the ant infestation in my Bromley flat.

Nicole, tenant

Your bird control specialist in Newham was very professional and quickly installed spikes on all windows in my house. He was really helpful and offered some practical and very useful advice how to cope with any probable bird-related problems in the future.

J.J. Ron

Your pest technician came on time on a Sunday morning and did an excellent job by removing the mice nest from my house in Barnet. Very polite and professional guy!

D. Longman

We have lots of parks in Richmond upon Thames and that seems to be a constant source of all kinds of bugs and pests. A few times already used a service from Fantastic Pest Control and every time they get the job done, no matter what kind of problem they face. Without any doubt, I would call them again whenever I need help.

Leslie Roberts

As a landlord in Hammersmith and Fulham I have to keep my property in top shape. And any time I need help with any sort of infestation I rely on Fantastic Pest Control. I’ve used their service many times and they never disappointed me. I highly recommend them!

Jackie M.

I was visited by a friendly technician who was very punctual. He gave a quick and efficient solution to my problem. Never thought I would find such a good professional in Merton.

Zoe Hayes

I had to deal with a mess from pigeons so I’ve sent photos to your Sutton exterminators. Got a phone call back and we scheduled a visit. The technicians were prompt and polite and did an outstanding job. I hope I don’t have to, but if I need to deal with pests I would hire them again.

Serena, tenant

Three companies in Lewisham attempted to cope with the vermins before your experts but unsuccessfully. I decided to trust your experts and undoubtedly they are the best!!

S. French, landlord

For about a month we've been hearing some strange noises at night and just last week we decided to book a professional inspection. We had quite the mice infestation, it turned out. But the local exterminators that Fantastic Pest sent us did a thorough job and we hadn't had a problem ever since. Great service!

Elaine Colvin, Kingston upon Thames

Fast response and excellent service. My property in Bexley needed a thorough inspection and the rat exterminators checked everything - my garden, the loft area, inside the house. Baits and traps were set up quickly and now no more rodents are crawling in my home. The technicians even did a follow-up visit to make sure all is well. Thanks, Fantastic Pest Control for giving a peace of mind.

Charles Barnes

This is the second time I need a pest control service. Both times I booked the outstanding experts in Havering. They got rid of the wasp nests in a short time. One more time did an excellent job!

Louise Pope

The last thing a person living in Westminster wants to find in his house is a rat. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to me. I needed someone to help me get rid of this rodent as soon as possible. Gladly, the Fantastic Pest Control technician proved to be skilled and did all that was necessary to find the root of this infestation and terminated it immediately. And I also got some good advice how to protect my home from rats and mice.

Murphy Quinn

The pest experts in Hillingdon did great work in my house. They came on time, checked every corner and completed everything in proficient manners.

Vanessa Dolleman

The pest controllers in Tower Hamlets are real professionals. They dealt with the infestation in my restaurant and even provided me with useful advice.

L. Melo

Great service from you guys! Really appreciate the exterminator you sent to my home in Ealing. Very quickly and without any fuss he removed the wasp nest from my back garden. My call to you was kind of an emergency because the family is allergic and you were the only one that agreed to book a Saturday visit!

Rahul Patel

Your pest control crew is absolutely punctual, experienced and informative. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs pest extermination in Hackney.

Tahlia G.

Great aftercare. Not only dealt with my problem but also visited my place in Dagenham twice afterwards to make sure there is no reinfestation. Highly recommend.

Ricki Cusworth

I live for many years now in Islington and never had problems with insects. But last month I found some little bugs in my bed. Turned out to be a bed bug infestation that had to be taken care immediately. With the total of three visits, the exterminators from Fantastic Pest Control really proved that their service is guaranteed. No more problems since then.

Nadine Thomas

I live in Redbridge area for awhile and had a bad experience with cockroaches. The first thing I did was to ask my neighbours for a recommendation. All of them mentioned your Fantastic experts. And they were totally right. Your team was very friendly and talkative. Also, provided the pest control service incredibly well.

Will Button

I was able to do a really quick booking for an emergency fumigation treatment for a house in Lambeth I’m renting out because new tenants were moving in very soon. I’m very satisfied with the job you did and will definitely use your services again.

Colin Banton

The pest exterminator in Brent was very polite and professional guy who did a thorough inspection of the house I rent for bed bugs. This problem was getting out of hands and I was able to make a booking only with your pest company for a weekend visit.

James McTominay

I’m very happy with the 3 months guarantee service I booked with you. Cockroaches infested our flat in Enfield and we couldn’t exterminate them with any poison we used. You did an amazing job and cleaned our home from the roaches permanently.

Ben Hopkins

I booked a same-day appointment because we found a dead rat in our Croydon office. The pest technician you sent was very discreet and efficient, and was done with the job in no time. I appreciate the quick reaction and professional attitude!

Daniel Killick

Heat treatment was SUPER successful and bedbugs are completely destroyed now. Thanks for helping me with this!

Alper Jones

Got an emergency service from one of their local exterminators and was pleasantly surprised by the quickness and efficiency of it all.

Tom Freitas

Tenant, CR0

Was really pleased with the overall experience - service was easy to schedule, staff were all more than friendly and always helpful and the treatment worked great at removing the bed bugs. Would definitely recommend!

Carla Murphy

The service was quick to arrange, the sales operative was knowledgeable and helpful and I was impressed with the technician.

Corey Elliott

Homeowner, SW16

The technician was pleasant, personable and did the job faster than I expected. I have not seen a moth since.

Billy Allen

Tenant, E2

I would highlight that Roland the pest controller was extremely professional, polite and friendly during this difficult time with mice in our home. I feel comfortable knowing the issue has been dealt with to a high standard.

Jim Stewart

A lovely job was done at my flat, very professional!

Jodie Carr


A company which definitely cares about its reputation. I will for sure return in case of further pest problems.

Dylan Fuller

Recently I've become fed up with all the methods out there to deal with roaches by yourself. I called a professional, the price made sense and the service was very efficient. Thank you!

Rebecca Alexander


I have a summer house and I noticed 2 small circular holes on the floor that were quite small, the size of a 5p. There was fresh powder around them so they looked recently made. I called this company and they sent an exterminator who inspected the house and found signs of a mice infestation. He treated the property accordingly.

Alexander Gough


I live in a house and I saw mice a few times, so I wanted to get rid of them! I thought they were in the basement, but I also saw 1 or 2 in my room...I needed the whole place to be treated and Fantastic Pest Control did an excellent job!

Demi Newman

Homeowner, N5

I received a very reasonable quote for rat control service for a 1-bed ground floor flat so I decided to work with these guys. Definitely worth the money!

Jordan Godfrey


After my last trip I brought bed bugs home and I didn't know how to get rid of them. Fortunately, a friend recommended me Fantastic Pest Control and I called them for help. Their excellent treatment resulted in bed-bug-free home. Thank you, guys!

Maisie Foster


This company truly stands for its name. Their mice treatment was fantastic! The team caught 4 mice in our attic and then sealed all entry points. Definitely worth the money!

Annie Robertson


I don't mind a spider or two, but there was a whole colony in our attic. Your spider control team managed to eliminate the problem quickly and efficiently. Thanks for the quick reaction!

Abby Hawkins

Affordable price rates which definitely match the high quality of the pest control services. It was a pleasure to hire the professionals from Fantastic Pest Control.

Connor Hall

Office Coordinator

I used the fumigation service of the company and I am very satisfied with the final result. There are no insects left in my home and there is no need for second treatment. Great job!

Brooke Owen


I was terrified when I saw a mouse in my home because I am scared of all types of rodents. Now I can't express my gratitude towards Fantastic Pest Control for catching the little intruder.

Danielle Shaw

Homeowner, E15

Our office kitchen was infested by cockroaches and we didn't know how they were entering. We called the experts from Fantastic Pest Control and they easily located the problem. Now my colleagues and I can enjoy a calm lunch in the pest-free kitchen.

Nicholas Gardner

Last month I brought home bed bugs after I came back from my business trip. My wife and I tried to get rid of them but with no success. Then we heard about Fantastic Pest Control and gave them a call. The team exterminated all bed bugs with just one visit. Thank you!

Ewan Webster

Homeowner, CR0

Several weeks ago I heard a strange noise coming from behind the walls. Then during the night I heard scratching on the floor and I realized I had a mouse. On the next day I called your customer centre and appointed mice treatment for the same day. Your team did an outstanding job!

Chloe Nash

Tenant, WC1

Thank you for saving my home from those horrible rats! I hope that I will never see a rodent in my house ever again.

Tia Hale

During the summer I had a horrible problem with wasps in my garden. They were hundreds of them and my children were afraid to go out and play. Fortunately, I asked around and a friend told me about your company. The wasp exterminators did an excellent job and made the garden wasp-free zone.

Charlie Storey

You are called Fantastic Pest Control for a reason. And the reason is you help people get rid of nasty creatures and you do it great. Your team is very friendly and I would definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Jack Oliver

Tenant, TW9

We were completely revolted when we heard noises coming from between our walls, and looked online to find someone who could help. Luckily we found you! It turned out we had mice nesting there but your staff came out and helped us quickly. They even came back for a second visit, just to check the mice had gone. Thank you ever so much.

Mrs C Blackburn

IG, 10

I was so surprised when I started seeing loads of moths in my flat. There were loads of them! I’m so glad they hadn’t got to my clothes before your guys came out. Great service and a good price too. Thank you.

J. Favier

Fantastic job! Really good value and the ants have yet to return!

Mr E John


I've been using your company for several years now for fleas - they just keep coming back to my cats. I've always had a lovely experience with your friendly staff and they've been so kind and helpful. They deserve a medal for what they do. Thank you folks.

Mrs Edith Beccles

Homeowner, N7

I was a bit reluctant to call you but my mum said to go for it. I felt a bit silly because it was only for silverfish but they were so horrible scurrying around in my bathroom, I had to do something about it. Your staff were very patient with me and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg either! Thank you for your help.

Ms Sally Foyles


We called your hotline quite late at night and were amazed when you were on the doorstep the next morning. What a relief!

Mr & Mrs Waters


Every summer the same old problem comes up with the ants around our garden door. I’ve never done anything about it before but a work colleague recommended your company and now that you’ve come out, they’ve entirely disappeared. Great value for money.


Tenant, SW1

The thought of fumigating the whole office absolutely daunted me, but your staff, both on the phone and in person, were absolutely fabulous and saved my life! We didn’t even have to close down for the day – great service. Thank you lads.

J.A. Richardson

Office Manager

Thanks - you did a really good job shifting my mice.

Beth C

Estate Agent

Used a council service for 8 weeks, they did not fill any holes just laid poison and had no success. You came filled the holes and I have not seen a mouse for 2 weeks! I'm so grateful.

Danielle D.

Landlord, BR2

The service was easy to arrange and the technician was great. He was polite, gave us so much information including advice on how to prevent future problems. He also found holes we did not know existed.

Yasmin Miles


I was happy with the bed bugs treatment and the customer service.

Tilly Butler

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