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Here's Why We Are Fantastic

Have you found your home invaded by pests? If yes, this is exactly the reason why Fantastic Pest Control formed as a company in the first place, so we're here to help. We are a specialized branch of Fantastic Services, the one-stop shop provider of domestic services in London and the UK, that deals with all kinds of vermin in homes and business establishments.

Fantastic Services was established back in 2009 and in 2013, we recognized the needs of Londoners to get an expert help because pests are tricky to handle, so we decided to take matters into our hands. That is when Fantastic Pest Control was born. We've been working hard every day since then and currently, we offer our services in the majority of UK.

However, it all started with our...


Anton Skarlatov
Anton Skarlatov

Founding Director

Rune Sovndahl
Rune Sovndahl

Co-founder and CEO

Anton has an extensive background in the hospitality industry where he helped grow companies in the likes of City Inn and Mitchells and Butlers. Since he was passionate about delivering impeccable experiences to clients and understood people's needs, he decided to harness these skills to power his own customer-focused solutions.

Rune, on the other hand, is all about solving people's problems effectively and with quality in mind. His curiosity, ambition, and global thinking has led him to push the business beyond the UK's borders. Rune's personality has always been drawn to the extremes which reflect in his many hobbies such as cave diving and swimming with sharks.

Our Mission

At Fantastic Pest Control, we strive to cover our customer's needs no matter the case but we always do so with quality in mind. When it comes to vermin, you know you want to deal with the problem once and for all. This is why we follow a proven procedure each time:

  • Inspecting: at this first stage, we evaluate the extent of the problem and pick the most proper solution. A good checkup ensures that we will handle the entire vermin population.
  • Treating: careful and thorough pesticide application is essential to the effectiveness of the treatment. Once we know the pests' hideouts, we'll drive them from your home.
  • Following up: further treatments are important because they get rid of the remainings of the pest colonies. Equally important is the professional advice you'll receive at the end of the treatment.

To deliver even better results, we offer a range of additional services to help you prevent pests or delete the traces of their presence. All services are tailored to the customer's needs, be it a homeowner or business owner.

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