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Pest Control in Westminster

  • Inspection, treatment, prevention – everything’s included
  • Treating against rats, wasps, squirrels, birds and more
  • Multi-skilled technician with all necessary accreditations
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The Pests Won’t Leave On Your Own. We Can Treat Against...

  • Mice & Rats

    One of the more popular services done by our pest control partner. The service is usually done in one visit and involves a very careful inspection of both the interior and exterior of your building to locate the tiny entrances and nesting areas of the rodents. The exterminator will then seal holes up to ½ inch in diameter with wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam. Traps with fast-acting, poisonous baits will also be considered if the rat or mice population is too high.

  • Insects

    Ants, dust mites, woodworm, silverfish, cockroaches, fleas – these are just some of the insect types the specialist can treat against. To do so, he will usually use an appropriate insecticide (often spray-based) that will remain effective for a certain period after the service is carried out. Your pest control in Westminster can also include bed bug treatment, where the expert will eliminate the bugs over the course of two sessions using two distinct types of insecticides.

  • Wasps

    Wasps are more than just an annoyance – their stings can cause serious health complications to those who are allergic to them. If you spotted a hive outside of your property or even in the corner of your ceiling, the certified pest technician will use a special wasp removal tool – extendable wand – to inject a paralysing powder within the hive. Once the wasps are dead, the expert will carefully remove the hive if it is within reach and dispose of it in line with all health and safety codes.

  • Other

    Fantastic Pest Control also specialises in fighting pests in corporate environments. As a business client, you have many pest prevention and extermination options to choose from, for example bird control, heat treatment, general fumigation, and pest disinfection. Below, you will find more information about each one of these services:

    General fumigation. A preventative form of pest control. The specialist will treat all areas at risk of infestation with a potent spray that has a long residual effect.

    Bird control. Spikes, nets and fire gels will be deployed in all areas where the pigeons like to congregate to protect your property’s exterior from extreme wear and tear.

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