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Pest Control for Warehouses and Storage Facilities

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  • Treating against rodents, insects, squirrels, birds
  • Services meeting all COSHH recommendations
  • Skilled specialists carrying certifications
  • Same-day and express pest sessions available
  • Free follow-up visits for guaranteed treatments

Ship the Items to Your Customers In Their Original Condition with Fantastic Pest Control

Pests, especially in big warehouses and storage facilities, can remain undetected for prolonged periods of time due to the abundance of convenient hiding spots and the sheer size of the buildings. Besides damaging your property by drilling holes and gnawing through power lines, they will inevitably deal significant damage to the items that are temporarily stored there. This could lead to astronomical costs in the form of compensation paid off to unsatisfied clients. If your routine warehouse inspections are accompanied by strange noises, contact Fantastic Pest Control. We will dispatch a trained pest technician of suitable skill level to assess your situation and propose a prompt treatment aimed at the specific pest that has been giving you trouble, be it rodents, insects, squirrels, or pigeons. All treatments are performed by following strict company and COSHH policies and each expert will arrive fully equipped for the job.

The pest controller will first examine certain spots that may harbour the unwelcome guests. The critters will often times find themselves inside through open doors, loading docks, or small openings and will hide in cardboard boxes and drains (cockroaches), high ceilings and rafters (birds), and other inconspicuous places that will be high on the expert’s pest control checklist.

The specialist has the right combination of tools and products to drive out any pest from your premises. How he will go about achieving it, however, will depend on the species the expert encounters. Mice and rats will be dealt with by using sealants, as well as baits and traps. Cockroaches will be defeated using a bait gel with a “domino effect”, which will wipe them out in 24 hours, while squirrels and birds will be either trapped or scared off using humane methods.

After the commercial pest control is over, the professional will urge you and your employees to keep an eye out for further activity. If you notice any and have booked a guaranteed service, you can call the exterminator up to 2 more times for free to deal with the remaining survivors. He will also use sealed bags to safely dispose of any dead rodents or insects that he encounters.

Now that the infestation is no more, the professional can give you useful tips on how to stop other vermin from re-infesting your property. Upon request, he can also teach your employees the basics of how to identify and deal with an infestation in its early stages of development. Last, but not least, he can also issue a report that lists everything used to perform the treatment.

Why Booking Warehouse Pest Solutions Is Important for Your Business

Of all the pests out there, rodents, birds, and cockroaches tend to cause warehouses the most trouble. Mice and rats have sharp and extremely durable teeth that can pierce materials ranging from wood to aluminum. Bird droppings have acidic properties that deal substantial structural damage over time. Cockroaches can seriously undermine the health of both employees and regular clients with diseases like Salmonella, Typhoid Fever, Gastroenteritis, and more.

The local Fantastic Pest Control exterminators have over 15 years of experience in battling vermin in a variety of commercial buildings. Each of them will use only certified products to dispose of or humanely relocate the animals with great efficiency and minimum disruption to your daily responsibilities and that of your workers. All specialists are thoroughly police-checked, insured, and carry ID badges and branded uniforms for easy identification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many exterminators will you send?

Whether we send a single certified operative or a full-blown team of exterminators depends on the size of your warehouse or storage space, as well as on the severity of your infestation.

Will your storage facility treatments trigger allergies?

No, the pest products we use are safe to use around humans and pets. Still, we can send you a list of what these contain if some of your clients or employees are prone to allergies.

Should I leave the building during the treatment?

Although safe, insecticide treatments will require you to leave the premises for a few hours until the product settles down. The exterminator will give you more detailed instructions on site.

Can you come and check for pests on a regular basis?

Fantastic Pest Control offers monthly and yearly contracts. Making inspections on a month-by-month basis will ensure that you meet article 2.5 by the British Pest Control Association, according to which high-traffic buildings should be checked 6 to 8 times a year.

Can you treat our facility during the weekend?

Yes, the local professionals are able to respond on weekends, as well as on bank holidays.

How much will the treatment cost?

This depends on the individual storage facility pest control plan that both parties agreed upon, as well as on the size and type of pest that has invited itself into your property.

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