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Pest Control in Wandsworth

  • Modern treatments against all widespread UK pests
  • Diligent, certified, and fully uniformed professional
  • Emergency appointments (can arrive within 2 hours)
  • Up to two free extra visits for guaranteed services

Take Advantage of Modern Rodent, Creepy Crawly and Bird Solutions

  • Rodent Extermination

    The pest exterminator will usually perform the service in one visit. After locating the apertures that the vermin use to squeeze through, he will seal them using wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam. The second stage of mice control, which involves traps and poisonous baits, may be used by the specialist if he evaluates the infestation levels in your property as “high”.

  • Insect Regulation

    Your local pro carries insecticides supplied by an official UK distributor. Each product is targeted at the specific pest that either crawls or flies in your building and has a strong residual effect. This means that the sprayed areas will remain protected weeks after the initial treatment. The pest technician can carry out: wasp nest treatment, spider control, flea treatment, and more.

  • Bed Bug Treatment

    Note that when you order bed bug control, the professional will need to arrive twice over the course of two weeks in order to properly treat your bedroom. Treated surfaces can include your mattress, furniture, floor, and just about anything else in the room which the bugs can use as a shelter. Two types of hard-hitting, spray-based insecticides are used to ensure full eradication.

  • Commercial Services

    The business sector often needs more rigorous forms of pest control, which we provide in the form of fogging, heat treatment, bird control, along with other services. General fumigation is suitable if you want to prevent an infestation from a nearby property.

    Heat treatment is done with modern machinery that warms up the affected area to 56°C, killing all the insects inside. To deter birds, the expert will deploy spikes, traps, and fire gels. 

Service coverage in Wandsworth

The local exterminators cover the entire Wandsworth area and beyond. Call us as soon as you need an emergency pest treatment and we will dispatch the professionals.

The best part about Fantastic Pest Control is that you can use the services on any day of the week and even on bank holidays.

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