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Pest Control in Tower Hamlets

  • Pest methods approved by COSHH
  • Workday, weekend, and bank holiday availability
  • The job lasts until it’s done – there is no time limit
  • Fully equipped, branded, and certified exterminator

Diligent Assessment, Extermination, and Proofing of Any Type of Property

Perhaps you encountered a happy family of rats inside your new home. Or maybe your office building is overrun with pigeons. Whatever the case, the local Fantastic Pest Control partner is here to offer you their certified help. The exterminator will accurately identify the species, use products that the pests are most vulnerable to, and seal all their points of entry. You can also receive the insured and COSHH-compliant (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) services completely discretely by requesting it from our operators.

The Local Franchisee Has All Common Pest Species Covered

  • Rats and Mice

    Rodents are very intelligent and persistent creatures, and finding their comfy nests is often a difficult task. The mice control specialist is trained to recognise even the slightest signs of the pest’s presence and will use these traces to discover their hidden tunnels and seal them using wire wool, sealants, and expanding foam. For properties where the rat or mouse population is higher, the professional can also use traps with poisonous bait inside to deal with the survivors.

  • Creepy Crawlies

    Insects have the potential to spread diseases just as much as rodents. To stop the epidemic in its tracks, the skilled pest control operative will use spray-based insecticides with a long-lasting effect. This goes double for bed bug control, where the expert will use two of these products to patiently treat your bedroom over the course of two visits. We can also treat against: ants, spiders, cockroaches, moths, woodworms, flies, fleas and much more.

  • Birds and Squirrels

    The prolonged presence of these animals can cause severe stress to the building’s inhabitants, not to mention the astronomical property damages. The Fantastic Pest Control operative, however, is fully equipped for the job. For birds, he will use spikes, nets, and fire gels. And, as for squirrels, he will deploy heavy-duty traps with bait inside and will ask you to check on them once every 12-24 hours. The expert will then safely remove the animals from your premises.

  • Business Sector

    Fantastic Pest Control offers many flexible solutions to this seemingly unsolvable problem.  Some of the treatments include:

    • Heat treatment where the professional will heat up the insect-infested areas up to 56°C to kill everything inside, including their eggs and larvae.
    • Fogging where the pest technician will use a ULV (ultra-low volume) fogging machine to diligently spray all contaminated areas within and outside of your property.

Our coverage in Tower Hamlets

As soon as you notice the presence of pests, don't hesitate to contact a professional exterminator in the Tower Hamlets area. Pest treatments can be carried out every day of the week, depending on your schedule.

Fantastic Pest Control has been growing and we can cover more than Tower Hamlets. Local pest officers are also available in these closeby areas:

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