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Pest Control in Merton

  • Services by local certified experts
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  • Detecting and exterminating all pestsDetecting and exterminating all pests
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How the Pest Exterminators in Merton Can Help You

  • Crawling Insects Control

    The treatment against crawling insects highly depends on the type of bug you are dealing with. After a thorough examination of your property, the pest controller will determine what would be the best curse of action against the harmful insects.

  • Bird Control

    Even though pigeons are outside, they can be quite annoying when they settle on your roof. However, we've got the means and know how to make your roof a little bit uncomfortable for the winged troublemakers. We will install nets and wires that will repel the birds and force them to move away.

  • Squirrel Control

    Oh, that's right, even the cute little squirrels can be harmful. They are actually known for carrying parasites and transmitting diseases. We can place bait cages around your yard to capture the feral critters. But don't worry, no harm will come to them, we are just going to release them somewhere where they can live peacefully without bothering anyone.

  • For Local Businesses

    We understand the importance of keeping your place business safe and hygienic. We can offer you comprehensive protection against rodents and insects along with post-treatment disinfection procedures. Also, we can provide you with a report that includes all the procedures we have performed so you can present it to the council if necessary.

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