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Pest Control for the Manufacturing Industry

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  • Reliable protection against rodents, birds and insects
  • Safe anti-pest product application in commercial settings
  • Short-notice bookings and 24/7 emergency response
  • Fully qualified and insured pest control technicians

Reasons to Opt for Our Pest Control Solutions in London

Why Fantastic Pest Control can be a reliable partner in the quest to keep your factory or plant in line with good manufacturing practices can be answered easily in one word - our brand name. We stand by it fantastically because our pest management program caters to every aspect of your production needs with respect to maintaining a sterile, clean and vermin-free working environment at all times. We have devised four individual steps that make our pest exclusion or extermination process complete. Through investigation and assessment, a professional anti-pest treatment, continuous monitoring and prevention expertise, we offer effective control and protection against contamination, caused by rodents, flying and crawling insects or birds. We rely on comprehensively qualified, licensed and insured specialists in London who have extensive experience in residential and commercial pest control. They have joined our franchise program after going through a stringent vetting process and additional training. To check their 24/7 availability for a specific day and time that suits your schedule, simply contact us online or over the phone.

The manufacturing facility will undergo a thorough inspection, which includes not only investigating the affected areas but also involves a careful review of all possible points of entry if applicable (ex: rodents, ants, etc.). Pest activity evidence, such as live specimens, droppings, damaged goods, structural damages, signs of contamination, stains and marks, will give the pest technician a clear picture of the scale of the infestation. He will, then, discuss with you what lies ahead, with regards to a suitable anti-pest treatment application.

The pest management specialist will employ advanced extermination techniques in a safe and effective manner. He will apply a professional product that is appropriate for use in the manufacturing establishment you operate, with respect to the specific type of goods you produce. So, whether there are mice, rats or cockroaches that you need rid of, the Fantastic pro will address the issue up to the highest standard.

We offer personalised service options, which include different monitoring periods. You can benefit from regular inspections with us, designed to keep your manufacturing facility protected against various types of vermin. This means that you can have an extended observation cover for a duration that fits your business needs and count on several professional pest activity checkups, which will be performed diligently by a Fantastic pro.

Your pest control session with us will conclude with detailed post-treatment instructions on your responsibilities, related to the service. We advise that you follow the technician’s guidance, in order to ensure that the warranty conditions stay valid for the specified period. Furthermore, you will receive a service report that notes important particulars about the vermin removal treatment. The expert will also offer his professional pest prevention advice so that your manufacturing establishment remains long term vermin-free.

Why Systematic Pest Control Is Important for a Manufacturing Facility

Fantastic Pest Control London offers regular pest management services for manufacturing facilities, factories and production plants from a wide range of industries on a 6-month or a 1-year contractual basis. By providing your business with routine pest inspections at certain intervals over the above periods of time, we will ensure that any pest activity signs, we discover, are acted upon in a timely manner and well before the problem turns into a hard-to-neutralise pest outbreak.

Manufacturing establishments, especially those producing food, healthcare goods and medical products, are especially at risk of immediate closure should the authorities deem them unfit to operate due to contamination issues and vermin problems. Hence, we recommend that you take advantage of our expert pest management program to avoid unanticipated costs, a ruined business image and financial losses. We will assist you in sustaining consistently high-standard manufacturing practices and a healthy, pest-free environment in compliance with all legal requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I manage a food production facility. Is the treatment safe?

Yes. We specialise in a range of pest management solutions, which are specifically designed to keep food production facilities in the manufacturing industry pest-free in a safe manner.

Is it possible that the specialists complete the service inconspicuously?

Absolutely. We understand that your business image is a key asset, which needs be kept intact. The pest exterminator will perform the task discreetly and with minimum disruption of your production operations.

Can I have my factory treated outside working hours?

Of course. Fantastic Pest Control London operates during weekends, public holidays and can be also booked in the evenings, subject to availability.

How fast can a pest controller come to inspect my property?

We provide emergency anti-pest treatments in the capital and will strive to send a specialist to your premises within two hours of your call.

Can the premises be thoroughly cleaned straight after the service?

This will depend on the type of vermin your manufacturing facility has been treated against. We strongly recommend that you abide by the technician's instructions on what to do and what not to do after the anti-pest product application.

Can I book your sanitation service as a preventive measure?

Yes. Although clients generally request our sanitation solutions after a specialised pest control service, one can always step up hygienic standards at their factory or production establishment by hiring professional sanitation experts with us.

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