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Pest Control in Sutton

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Services to Make Your Home or Business Pest-Free

  • Vermin Control

    Scratch noises, oily trails, and “skinny pellets” (faeces) are a pretty good indicator that a rodent infestation is underway. The rat control operative will note down these and similar signs, and will also seal any small rodent-made holes in your walls, vents and other places with expanding foam, sealants, and wire wool. If that doesn’t help, he can also deploy the ultimate weapon – traps, loaded with fast-acting poison that will quickly spread throughout the mice community.

  • Bird Control

    To fend off the rather insolent pigeons, the pest technician will deploy spikes and nets at strategic locations. If the birds didn’t get the hint to leave the first time, he can also resort to special “fire gels” that will make them reconsider their stay underneath your property roof. Read more about our bird control service in your area.

  • Bug Control

    Dealing with a bug infestation on time is crucial as most species can spread like wildfire. The trained pest exterminator will use insecticides that target the specific species you’re having trouble with. The products have a residual effect, meaning that they will protect your property from reinfestation and will ensure that the entire existing population is neutralised. The professional specialises in bed bug control, as well as in ant, moth, wasp, and other treatments.

  • Business Solutions

    General fogging: Fear that your property might be next on the pest’s “to-infest” list? The exterminator will spray all risky areas within your premises to say a firm “No.” to the intruders.

    Heat Treatment: Constant 56°C. This is what is going to eradicate all the bugs found within the affected areas, along with their eggs and larvae. Our heat treatment is performed with a diesel-fueled heater.

Local pest controllers in Sutton

The exterminators who work with Fantastic Pest Control are located in Sutton in order to respond as quick as possible and solve your pest problems. All experts are knowledgeable in a wide variety of treatments and know how to handle any intruder.

Here are some other closeby areas in which we operate:

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